Back to our normal, but what is normal anyway?

So, we have power and internet and cable at both houses.  Well, we don’t have cable at Nokomis but then we never did so that wasn’t a loss.  What we don’t have are three and a half of our former trees and a bazillion tiny limbs and palm fronds.

I wonder is snap peas grow on snap trees?

Anywho, this will be a really short post because apparently my body is not meant to do the things it used to do when I was, ahem, younger.

I am broken.

After 7 days of constantly lifting 100+ pound logs from cut trees I was not able to sleep for the past two nights.  I had a very severe pain in my right arm that radiated down to my fingers.  So, early this morning MacGyver insisted I go to the urgent care.

My hand is badly swollen and I can’t grip anything.  Fortunately it is not broken or fractured but I have some nerve pain and very bad inflammation and the doctor noticed some bone spurs on the xray as well as a little arthritis.  He also mentioned some other underlying issues involving my spine and and asked me to follow up with my regular physician.

And then he prescribed some pain medication and told me above all, do not use that hand for at least 5 days, so here I am, typing out a blog post.

How was your weekend?  Your week?  I can’t type so you better fill me in on your weekend.

9 thoughts on “Back to our normal, but what is normal anyway?

  1. Oh your poor hand! Hope you are better soon!

    My weekend starts tomorrow. I have a work day trip and then I start purging and packing… Moving to Orlando 🙂

    • What? Orlando? Really? When my hand is better we have to do a lunch day or run day or something! Seriously! And winter is coming too and we’ll be going to our cabin more often….yay!

      • Yup! It’s basically a transfer. I probably don’t have to pack but I like packing my books and packing my clothes, I can purge (although I did that when I moved here). I kept most of the boxes when I moved here. The movers can pack the furniture and fragile items. And the kitchen.

        Rest your hand! We can do lunch or something!

        I want to find a place right next to a great park like you have lol I need a place with a good route. I need to get back into shape.

        • I don’t know of any great parks in Orlando but my son used to live there and he loved to go to Wekiwa Springs which is 20 minutes North in Apopka. If I lived in Orlando, sadly, it would probably be in close vicinity to the Mall of Millenia…see Addicted to the shopping! 😉

  2. Oh geez, not good! Take it easy (stop blogging for a bit lol) and get better soon! If I wasn’t a coupla thousand miles away I would have come and helped pick up crap with you!

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