Wake up you need to make money…

Good Morning!  How are you?  I woke up bright and early ready to get things done.  I picked up the house a bit, went for a three mile walk, walked the dogs, and took a shower and then MacGyver woke up all stressed out.  Which stressed me out.


Apparently he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about all the money we’re spending on the new vacation house when we haven’t sold the first one yet and when he told me this I suddenly caught the stress bug too.

stressed out

And then I wanted to go for a run or meditate or do something because stress is the worst.  Running however, is still not happening.  I tried this morning for the first mile but it was still painful in my right hip and also my lower back.  I’m wondering if maybe I’m more broken than my doctor originally thought.  I might have to make another appointment if things don’t get better soon.

In the meantime, I’m spending as much time as I can on my new bike.

On Saturday MacGyver asked me if I wanted to go for a ride late in the day.  I said yes of course but I asked him to check the weather first.  He said it was as clear as a bell.  So off we went.

biking in rain

“Let’s go for a ride”, he said.  “It’ll be fun”, he said.  We sat under the bank building for a half an hour until it was just a sprinkle and then we headed home.  It was still lightning but thankfully we made it home in one piece.

The next time we go for a ride, I’ll be checking the weather myself!

What is the one thing you stress out over the most?

How do you handle stress?

Wait, what? It’s Friday already?

Holy Crap y’all, this week just flew by, didn’t it?  I usually love it when that happens except it never does when it’s a regular work week.  It only happens when I’m having a birthday and family is in town.  Am I right?


Anywho, guess what?  I got the bike!  And. She’s a beauty!

And yes, I’m wearing my new Harry Potter t-shirt!

We opened our presents late on Wednesday night so I didn’t get to ride her until Thursday morning and oh my Lord, the difference between my old bike and my new one is like the difference between a Ford and a Mercedes.  VAST.

Specialized Bike

I wanted to go for a ride this morning but I didn’t have time.  I have an appointment with a client which requires leaving the house and so I’m forced to take a shower and put on some actual clothing other than my workout clothes.

yoga pants

I meant to update yesterday but honestly, I had a fun hangover.  We went to the mall and first we went to all the stores that give out free shit on your birthday.

disney buttons

Gotta love the Disney store!

And then, my sister-in-law and I went to this new store, ‘the winey wench’ to do some adulting.

wine slushee

Yes, that’s right, we walked around the mall drinking wine slushee’s!  How cool is that?  And while we were doing the wine slushee thing, thing 1 and thing 2 got pedicures from sucker fish.  No, I’m not kidding.

fish pedicure

The sads just hit me because they’re leaving today, but every year my birthday is better and better because I get to share it with my nephew and family.

What are you doing this weekend?

Have you had a fish pedicure?  Ever heard of it?