A 37 year running streak cut short by tragedy.

This is Linda J. Evans.

Linda J Evans

I am posting her picture because in all the news reports all I see are pictures of the man who hit and killed her.  Not one picture of the victim.

I heard about this story because my son lives in Columbus and I read the paper there every day.  It’s my way of keeping up with his ‘world’.  When I heard about this tragedy I felt so sad for her family.  And then I read about her and I was devastated.

Linda was a lifelong runner.  She met her husband on the way to the Boston Marathon.  Sharing the same love of running, they eventually married, at a 5K race no doubt.   Linda was a “Legacy” runner, which means she ran every single Columbus Marathon since 1980.  With 67 marathons under her belt, she was training for the 68th (the Columbus Marathon), when she was hit and killed.

The man who hit her got out of his car, looked at the damage, and then drove on to work.  How could he have not known that he struck someone?

The news reports called her an ‘avid runner’.  Avid?  Linda hadn’t missed a day of running in 37 years.  Thirty. Seven.She was also a talented artist and a humanitarian, a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter.  I would have loved to have met her, she was extraordinary but I will never have the chance.

To help preserve her memory, the family has set up a memorial fund.  It will help to cover the costs of her services and they are hoping to have enough to create a memorial, possibly along one of her favorite running trails.  I think she deserves that.  If you do too, you can donate here.

What’s your longest running streak?

4 thoughts on “A 37 year running streak cut short by tragedy.

  1. oh.my.word. HOW can you assess the ‘damage’ and drive on to work like a normal day?! I assume he’s being charged heavily??? This is awful. Man, life can be over in an instant. I’ll run miles for her today. <3

    • Thanks Jess, I agree, he had to have known he hit something. According to reports there was blood and damage to his car. I believe he is being charged with vehicular manslaughter but regardless of what they charge him with, it’s such a tragic loss.

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