WTF Wednesday, please don’t swallow me!

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you a sinkhole that had opened up near Tampa, about 45 minutes from my house?  Well yesterday I went to the bank and I noticed a huge hole on the side of the road, exactly 1.4 miles from my house.  I didn’t think too much about it other than damn, that’s a big assed hole.  I should avoid it because I’d probably fall in.

sinkhole location

Well, this morning I went for a walk and I heard a helicopter in the neighborhood.  Typically it’s the military but this morning I noticed it was a news helicopter.  After my walk, I walked the dogs and the helicopter was still there along with another one.  I decided that I would turn on the news as soon as I got home to see if there was an accident.

Nope.  No accident.

Sinkhole or Depression

Remember the big assed hole, yep, thar she is!


If y’all didn’t already know, a sinkhole is one of my biggest fears.  Like ever.  And 1.4 miles away is really freakin close.  Currently they are calling it a depression but that’s what they called the last one too, you know, right before it swallowed a few houses and boats and pools and such.

The one near my house is already 3 feet wide and could swallow a person, I’d say that’s a sinkhole.

No problem there, I’ll avoid it til the end of time if need be.

MacGyver has to go see some clients this morning so he’s going to drive by it.  I told him to take a picture.  He thought I would want to go with him to see it but I said ‘nah, I’m curious about the Bermuda Triangle too but I ain’t about to go look at it!’

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I’m clumsy, I don’t need to go walking by any holes!

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