WTF Wednesday, Passing on your left!

When we were in Nokomis, I ran on the Legacy Trail every day because I love it.  Of course, like any other multi-use trail, you share it with other runners, walkers and bicyclist.  I don’t usually mind.  Most of the time I’m running by myself and when I do run or walk with someone else we do the single file thing if anyone approaches, and I always run as far to the right as possible, and pass on the left.  Those are the rules, you see.

runningI also keep my speed under 10 miles an hour because those are also the rules and no one likes a show off anyway.  (I’m totally kidding, obviously.)

Most people on the trail are very courteous.  There tends to be two types of bikers in my experience.  The first kind is the happy biker who loves the adrenaline rush and always says hi or waves as he passes.

happy biker

Well, hey right back atcha happy biker!

The other type is the ‘triathlete in training’ or as I like to call them, the asshole.  This is the person who is so focused on his ride, he just yells out ‘passing on your left’ and then blows past you so fast you get a nice breeze.


Move out of the way, I’m in a race… with myself.

At least he leaves you with a nice breeze, I’m usually thankful for that part.  But I ain’t gonna lie, sometimes those bikers are scary because they fly by you and come up on you so fast, you don’t realize they’re there until they blow past you.

crazy bikersOccasionally you get the group of bikers, some are friendly, some are not, some are mixed.  It varies but I try to be nice to everyone. Unless they run over me.  Then I might not be nice.

Last week, two bikers were behind me and I was running very close to the edge on the right side of the trail.  For some reason they didn’t want to go single file to pass so as they approached the guy yelled for me to move over.  At first I thought I heard him wrong but then he yelled again.  I was so close to the edge if I moved over I would have been off the trail.  He had two thirds of the trail.  What did he expect me to do?

not coolI turned and looked and there was no reason for me to move over, other than they were side by side and didn’t want to go single file, so I did the only thing I could do which was stand my ground because, oh hell no!

And that’s when they passed me, (single file, I win!) and the guy vigorously pointed to the side of the road and yelled “MOVE OVER NEXT TIME!”

Who the fuck does that?

I figured since he liked hand signals so much I’d reciprocate.  So, I pointed right back.  Only maybe I pointed up and I probably didn’t use my pointer finger.

Mr. Rogers

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor….won’t you be mine?

WTF, It’s Wednesday and people should be happy when they exercise or at least neighborly.  Am I right?

Did you watch Mr. Rogers as a kid?  I loved him.  It was the changing sweaters and shoes thing, and how he always put his things away. I felt like he completely understood my OCD in a way that Big Bird and Cookie Monster never could.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Passing on your left!

  1. That guy was so RUDE! Let’s hope he crashed into a tree further up on the trail, karma baby.
    And yes I loved Mr. Rogers, also Mr. Dressup and his famous Tickle Trunk. .

  2. Neighborly. Happy is asking for too much says the grumpy runner. Haha

    Next time, yell ‘share the trail, asshole’ I’d be fantasizing about planting snarky signs about sharing etc

    I hate when people do that on sidewalks. Sorry disperse your group, stop holding hands.

    I’m going to try to run before it’s too hot. Inside. Hopefully the ac will be fixed today. Again.

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