WTF Wednesday, I need to get out more.

I work from home so naturally after I workout in the morning, I walk the dogs, shower and then put on nice comfortable workout clothes.  Why should I bother putting on dress clothes when I sit in the lazy boy on the computer for most of the day?  It’s pointless.

work at home attire

However yesterday, I had an appointment with a client scheduled for 2PM so I had to actually put on makeup and fix my hair and put on real dress clothes.  Then, an hour before I was supposed to leave, the client called to reschedule.

you serious

So then there I was with a freshly made up face and hair and nice clothes and it was wasted.  WASTED!  So, I had to go somewhere because it’s protocol, you just cannot waste a made up face and hair and dress clothes.

So, I decided to take a quick trip up to the dollar tree because well, why not.  I can always justify a trip to the dollar tree.

When I walked in the girl behind the counter said ‘Oh you look nice, did you get a blow out?’  And I thought, do I look like I’m having car trouble?  And then I said, ‘No my tires are fine.’

It didn’t dawn on me what they meant until I was around the corner and I heard her and the other cashier giggling and then I realized they were talking about my hair.


But wait, what is called when your tire pops?

WTF it’s Wednesday and obviously I need to get out more!

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