The weekend was a blast!

Happy Monday to you, or should I say Happy Fourth of July eve?  I guess it doesn’t really matter either way.  What matters is that I’m back in Clearwater and working today, and it kind of sucks.  I mean, I don’t mind work so much but going back to it after taking some time off and then knowing you’ll be taking the next day off is kind of a downer.  I should have just taken today off too, right?  You should too!

bad influenceI’m a bad influence.  You should probably not listen to me.

Over the weekend MacGyver and I spent as much time as we could with his sister and friend.  We did a little fishing, played Mexican Train Dominoes and hit up Tarpon Springs on Saturday.

mexican train dominoes

I think I was the overall winner. Just sayin

There are lots of cool things to do in Tarpon Springs but Laura and I were super excited about this opportunity.

Free WineIt may have been the wine or maybe all the sugar from Hella’s Restaurant and Bakery but afterwards, we girls got a little silly.

This was our best Charlie’s Angel pose but don’t worry we perfected it later.

See? Told ya.

Laura took this picture of MacGyver and I which I absolutely love!

Me and my man

You know how they say huge purses will cause back problems? I obviously didn’t get that memo because, ouch!

I also love this picture of MacGyver and his big sis.


After Tarpon Springs we decided to show the girls what we are lucky enough to get to experience at least once if not twice a week, fireworks!  We live by the Threshers stadium and are close enough to hear and see the firework’s display during baseball season every week.

Saturday night we decided to get closer and actually take a drive over to the stadium.  What we didn’t realize was that the game would go into overtime and they would end up playing a bazillion innings!


What inning are they in again?

We almost gave up and went home to watch them but I’m so glad we didn’t because…

Phillies stadium fireworks It was a blast, literally!  And we get to see them again tonite!  We’ll probably watch them from home though because MacGyver and I have really bad luck on July 4th.  We’ve spent 3 of them in Emergency Rooms and a few others with sickness or injury, so we stay home.

Tonight is the annual Kiwanis Midnight Run.  I thought about running it, as I thoroughly enjoyed it the last time, but I decided not to.  If you live in the area I do recommend it.  It’s really incredible to run over the causeway at midnight and the race proceeds go to a great cause.

That’s it for me, I’ve got a few hours of work to get done before another day of vacation.

What are your plans for the fourth?

6 thoughts on “The weekend was a blast!

  1. Dropping in from the Tampa Bay Bloggers link love fest 😀
    I just love fun and simple weekends. They are the best, and it looks like you enjoyed yours! And p.s. love that you call your guy MacGyver – even cooler if that is his actual name. Too fun!

    • Thanks for dropping by Ashley, love when fellow TBB’ers visit 🙂 MacGyver is just a nickname but if you ever met him, you’d know why. He is the original MacGyver, hands down. 🙂

  2. Your hair looks good! And I like those white floral shorts! Shorts are hard for me. They look funny on me.

    I’m running a 5 miler tomorrow morning. And that’s it lol I’ll read of course.

    (I’m commenting from my laptop so you’ll actually get my comment. I’ve left 2 on previous posts but they were from my phone and I failed lol)

    • It was probably wordpress or my site that failed instead of the phone 🙁 It does that sometimes. Yay for a 5 miler, I walked 4 this morning while playing pokemon Go for the first time in FOREVER. Aint gonna lie, I loved it 🙂 Happy Fourth of July!

      • I have to hit submit twice in order to post and I forget half the time.

        It was a hot and uninspired race lol I was running late and left my watch AND music 🙁 a lot of walking.

        My a/c is broken again /still. Haven’t heard from maintenance yet and it’s been an hour. Even if I wanted to break my lease and move, I don’t have time this summer.

        • Broken A/C is the worst! Sorry to hear the race was not that fun. I didn’t even run, I just had a long walk. The summer heat really gets to me. I hope you get your air fixed soon!

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