The runner who outran bears, yes bears!

I’ve been out running before when suddenly an animal approached me from behind and I freaked out.  I ran as fast as I could until it turned around and went the other way.  In case you’re wondering, it was a neighborhood emu.  He just ran after me for about 20 seconds and then turned around to go home.   No big deal.

I’ve seen bobcats and panthers and the occasional gator out on my runs too but never in a million years would I ever expect to encounter what this runner did.

Click on the above image to read the story.

I knew Kenyan’s were fast but this man outran two bears, TWO. FREAKIN. BEARS.  It’s an amazing story but what’s even more amazing is that he was composed enough to know what to do.  I would have freaked the f out!

While I was out running this morning, I found a little treasure.  I mean, I guess it’s sort of a treasure.  I find or see weird things all the time but this morning I found this:


I kept it.  Lord knows when you might come across wild animals and they aren’t all as nice or as beautiful as the one I saw this morning.

albino peacock

Aren’t the albino peacocks beautiful?  I just adore them.  Mainly because they aren’t bears.

Have a fabulous Friday!  What are your plans for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “The runner who outran bears, yes bears!

  1. Your emu story remind me of when the sheep came out in my neighborhood.

    I have one day off. I plan on running and laundry and cooking for my next 7 days of work :/

    Beautiful peacock.

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