It’s Prime day and FREE SLURPEE day!

Happy 7/11 day or as I like to call it, FREE SLURPEE DAY!  Yes, today is 7/11 and if you go to any 7/11 store today, you get a small slurpee for FREE.

free slurpee

Today is also Amazon Prime Day and if you’ve been thinking about the new Garmin Fenix 3 today may be the day to order one.  It’s 36% off if you have a prime account.  The deals actually started last night and there are some pretty good ones for runners, that’s why I probably won’t get anything done today.

The deals come every single hour!



I did get up this morning and walk five miles in Kapok Park, as always, it was beautiful.

Kapok Park

I’m not a very fast walker.  It takes me around 14 minutes to walk a mile, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  When I walk a lot and I can get it down to around 12 and a half minutes but there is no way in hell I could ever walk as fast as Tom Bosworth.  He walked a 5:31:08 mile at the London Diamond League on July 6th.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, he actually broke the world record!

I watched the video yesterday and when I was walking this morning I thought about speeding up to see how fast I could go but I didn’t, however, there was one point when I looked down at my stats on runkeeper and saw this:

no way

What! WHaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Current pace what?  In my dreams!

That is so not accurate.  I ain’t gonna lie though, it sort of made me feel like Usain Bolt for a hot minute.  So there’s that.

Time’s a wasting, I’ve got some shopping to do.

Are you an Amazon Prime member?  Will you be shopping today?  Will you go out and get a slurpee?

3 thoughts on “It’s Prime day and FREE SLURPEE day!

  1. I am now, unfortunately, a prime member (I won’t talk about my dislike of amzn). And since I made the mistake, I had to make it worth it. I bought a bed and some gifts. I’m also going to try out pantry.

    Ha I’ve had that “yeah sure I hit that high pace” on a watch . I bet I couldnt make my feet go that fast doing bicycle pedals.

    • LOL, don’t worry, neither could I, but hey at least we get out there and try, right? 🙂 I didn’t buy anything from amazon yesterday. Everything that I saw that I thought I might want I found a better price for just by googling it. I was disappointed in the ‘big deals’ that weren’t really. Oh well, I should save anyway. (but I probably won’t)

      • I’ve been thinking of a new mattress and it was a decent price. That was the only “deal” and my sister got one for my dad. The other things bought were just regular stuff for gifts. And a two things for the apartment.

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