Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday Boomer!

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

We didn’t plan on going to see fireworks and I know we won’t tonite because we have the ‘bad luck spell’ and we stay home on the fourth, but last night the ball field had fireworks again and once I heard them, I couldn’t resist.

fireworksUnfortunately, we left last minute and I got super excited because I know how much Hank typically loves the fireworks, so I grabbed him and took him along.


You could just stay here and rub my belly….

It was a mistake.  While he may love watching the fireworks from the house, he absolutely did not enjoy them close up.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he hates me now.

Hopefully he’ll forget all about it today because we are celebrating a birthday.

Happy Birthday to my baby Boomer!  He’s a whole 9 years old today!


Happy Birthday Gentle Giant!

We sure do love this guy.  And that’s why I’m off to bake some doggie cake.

Happy Fourth of July!

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