Where the heck did Emily come from?

This weekend I walked 5 miles on Saturday but unfortunately even walking is causing me a little pain.  It’s migrated too.  What started in my upper hamstring has relocated.

ass pain

I made an appointment with the sports doctor for Thursday morning so we’ll see what he says.  I’ve been running long enough to know that the problem is most likely stemming from my back issue and the fact that I sit on my ass all day working.  I mean, I have the medicine ball and foam rollers and all the gadgets I need but my posture just sucks and honestly, it’s much more comfortable to work from the comfort of my lazy boy.

Except that I’m paying for it in the long run.

Too dumb

Anyway, after walking on Saturday MacGyver and I went to a few garage sales.  We got a few good things.  MacGyver got a really cool cover from a 64 Mercury outboard motor.  I want to make it into a mailbox but we’re still deciding.


On Sunday it started raining.  We’re still waiting for it to stop.  MacGyver and I went for a 6 mile bike ride anyway because we’re not afraid of a little rain.  We also went to Aldi and I think it’s really important to tell you that Aldi now carries IPA beer!

IPA beer

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

I was also at Aldi on Friday night when my niece was having her gender reveal party.  They live streamed it so I was able to watch on Facebook.  I might have gotten a little too excited when I saw the pink exhaust from the truck because I screamed out, ‘it’s a girl, I knew it!’  Everyone around me and up to four aisles over clapped.

When I was pregnant we didn’t have these gender reveal parties.  In fact everyone I knew told me not to find out what the sex was until I delivered because that’s what gets you through labor, especially if you have a totally natural childbirth, and I did.  (I know, I’m a badass.)  I also had to return a lot of things so there’s that.

But I digress, the point is, these gender reveal parties are all kinds of fun and who knew you could turn the exhaust from the truck pink or blue.  Amazing.  The best part was that my niece had no idea of the gender either, only her sister who organized the party so it was really sweet.

I was thinking of buying this for the expecting mom but it might be too much.

baby prison

I was planning on a really easy walk this morning and since it rained all day yesterday I checked the weather radar late last night and it looked like there might be a break in the rain early this morning.  I laid out all of my clothes so everything would be ready and then when I woke up this morning I turned on the news.


Somehow, over night a low pressure system turned into this!

Yeah, so there’s that.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?


My neighbor is a beekeeper.  She goes out and removes hives from trees all the time.  I don’t mind bees in general but I”m highly allergic so no thank you.  Fortunately, if I ever have a problem with bees, I know who to call.

Bees knees

Poor little bee….

Recently my neighbor was removing an angry hive out of a large tree as it was being cut down.  She noticed that a nest had fallen on a nearby roof.  Two birds were in it.  One survived, sadly, the other did not.  She tried to located the mother to no avail and then, she called me.

Meet Larry.


My name is Larry Bird and I am a woodpecker.

Larry is a teeny bit bigger than Woody was when we rescued him but he still needs to be hand fed.  He’s strong though and we’re pretty sure in a few weeks he’ll be able to fly out into the wonderful world of birdom.  Yes, I’m aware it’s not a word.

Until now, he’s in capable hands, literally.


Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.  I’ll just be over here birding.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Have you ever rescued an animal?   Tell me about it, please.

Is there even a bike out there for me?

The good news is that the depression that was found less than a mile and a half from my house is stable and not a sinkhole.

runny sinkhole

But it’s okay to drive on it….sure!

I still don’t trust the area and I’ll be avoiding it for the meantime. I don’t care what the scientist say.

I’m still walking every morning because I don’t want to risk injuring myself and I want to be completely better before I start seriously training for a marathon in late fall.  I’m not walking far however, MacGyver and I have ridden our bikes for two nights in a row.  That’s almost a record.  I mean, I’m trying to love my bike because I know MacGyver loves his, but yeah, no.  I just don’t.

Perhaps if I had this bike, I’d be more apt to get out there.


I do like the color, it’s pretty sweet right?  Obviously color is very important when choosing a bike.  No really it is.  I always fret when I’m picking out a new bike or even accessories because the wrong color can be catastrophic.

If you don’t believe me maybe you should take a look at this.

bike fail


I think I’m just destined to be a runner but I’ll still try because I like doing things with MacGyver.  And there’s also the added bonus of someone paying attention to what I do because obviously, I am easily distracted.

a penny

Yep, been there.  If it weren’t for MacGyver I would have gotten run over at least twice in the past two days.

MacGyver has been looking for some new bikes for us and he keeps mentioning names to me, but I seriously have no clue about any models or makes and what’s good and what isn’t.

I already have a three wheeled bike, 2 beach cruisers, and a cheap Wal-mart mountain bike and I like them all the same.  Notice I didn’t say love. And if you’re wondering why I have so many, garage sales.  What I need is a bike for runners.

Runner's bike

That’s not exactly what I had in mind but if we could replace those shoes with some Brooks Launch 4’s, well, I’d be on board.

Do you like to bike?  How often do you do it?  Do you bike and run and if so how often do you do each?