We can’t have chocolate milk if we don’t have a brown cow.

Ah, Friday.  It seems like no matter what kind of week you’ve had and regardless of whether it was good or it sucked, Friday makes it all better.

In case you’re wondering, we never located the Peacock momma.  When I ran through the neighborhood the day after we found the baby, I found two dead baby peacocks with the heads missing.


I have informed MacGyver that he is no longer allowed to bring home abandoned or lost babies.  I just can’t bear to let them fend for themselves with all the cats and coyotes in the neighborhood but I don’t think I’m allowed to have a zoo either. So, there’s that.

You know what else I probably can’t have?  A rollercoaster.

roller coaster

This kid in Georgia literally built his own backyard roller coaster and it is so freaking cool.  You really have to go check it out.  Just click on the image above and it will take you to the video.

Did y’all happen to see this report yesterday that said 7 percent of Americans actually believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows!  No seriously.


That just makes me so sad.  Some of these people are probably parents.  I fear for our future.  Fortunately we have a few good mommies out there who are making it their job to raise good people, like Mary Katherine Backstorm.  She called out some kids in Target for being cruel and acting like ‘buttholes’ and I think I love her.  Watch the video, especially if you’re a momma, you’ll love her too.  And Mary Katherine, I hope you got your sunscreen girl!

Hope y’all have a great weekend. 

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