Run, Clean, Sleep, Repeat, (throw some baking into the mix.)

This weekend we didn’t go anywhere.  Not to Nokomis or Englewood.  Not to the cabin, not anywhere.  We stayed home in order to try and get caught up on some things around here.  Let’s recap shall we?

On Saturday I got up very early and did some running, about 10 miles worth.  It might have looked a bit like this:


or not but you weren’t here so you’ll never know.

It actually probably looked more like this:

awkward runningBut hey, 10 miles is 10 miles, right?  Right!

And then I cleaned the house for HOURS, and when I say hours, I mean hours.  What felt like days, really, but I sort of like that kind of thing.  I even got a bit of yard work in before it started to rain. I was on a roll.

on a roll

Not this literally

I wish I could have done more because believe it or not, I’m still about 900 days behind.  Give or take a few weeks.

Anyway after that I slept.

Falling asleep

It wasn’t pretty

On Sunday, I got up and ran again, only on Sunday it rained for most of the day so Sunday’s run looked mostly like this,

Raining buckets

Minus the dress and the bags of course.

And it was only a 4 mile run after which I cleaned house again for hours.  HOURS.  Twelve, to be precise.I think I should put my house cleaning routines on Instagram or Pinterest because they should be considered legit workouts.


Should I put this in my Pinterest WOD?


After Cleaning, I slept again.


I seriously do love my sleep.

And that was my weekend.  Yeah, super exciting.  I know.

Two other things did happen though.  One cool thing, we took Woody out to play on Sunday and another red bellied woodpecker flew down to the ground to say hello to him.  It was hella cool and we weren’t expecting it at all. (Hence the reason we ddidn’t have a camera 🙁 )

Woody was so curious and the other woodpecker was so friendly.  We’re hoping he continues to come back and visit and maybe teach Woody how to do the things a woodpecker needs to do to survive in the wild.

The other thing isn’t quite as cool but since MacGyver is a good cook and I’m a pretty decent baker we decided to try and make some of my favorite gluten free favorites so we don’t have to spend a fortune every week at the grocery store.

Yeah, let’s just say Udi’s has nothing to worry about.  They’re still gettin all my money for a while.  Chalk this one up to a big fail!  We’ll continue to try and try again.  We’ll get it right though and when we do, I’ll post the recipe 😉

That’s all.  Happy Monday.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you run when it rains?

Do you love to clean house?  I know I’m a weirdo but I seriously do!

11 thoughts on “Run, Clean, Sleep, Repeat, (throw some baking into the mix.)

  1. I LOVE a clean house, but I don’t actually like to do the cleaning!! I really love a good run in light rain, especially in the summer here in the south if there is no lightning!

  2. Ah sorry it was a sprinkler leak not the rain that caused the damage.

    I really hope I run every day, too. I need to get back into running shape. I’m just not inspired much with the marina; I miss beach running.

    My watch or charger no longer charges so I’m going to get a Garmin again. Not sure on the 35 or 230 yet.

  3. what a mean dog. I’d be pissed at him ha

    Uh, that man in the dress is kinda creepy. The running is funny, though.

    My weekend was spent working on getting my place back together after the water leak and ceiling collapse. Now, I’m working the next 10 out of 11 days.

    I’ve been working on running daily until my birthday. Fortunately, I’ve beat the rain so far. I don’t mind much getting caught in the rain, I’ll start if it’s sprinkling but I won’t head out if it’s a ‘rain’.

    • Sounds like all the rains been in your house, dayum! I’m sorry to hear about that but glad it’s getting handled. It’s going to be raining here for the next week I think, so it looks like I’ll have to suffer through. I don’t mind as long as the lightning stays away, I hate lightning. I hope you get to run every day until your birthday, that will be an epic present to yourself 😉

  4. Haha! I love all the GIFs. We stayed home for the weekend too. We just moved into a new house we remodeled, so we have more projects than we know what to do with. I do actually enjoy cleaning and keeping this house clean too.

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