It started with the M key

So, for the last few days this has been me:

stressedYou see, my laptop that I use ALL THE TIME has a little problem.  It started out with one of the keys, mainly the M key on the keyboard, it wouldn’t work.  And then, the C key stopped working.  And then the C and the V.  When one key at a time went out I could fix it but when two keys at a time started going out, I lost my shit and called the manufacturer.

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before.  We have three laptops and two are the same brand and they have both experienced this issue.  (And no, I don;t bang on the keys, well mostly not.)

Anyway, I called the tech support people, which I hate doing because they tend to ask stupid questions.  And no, I don’t want to use the other two laptops because one is as old as Methuselah and the other doesn’t have all of my data, so it would take me just as long to transfer everything over as it would to fix the good computer which I guess, technically really isn’t good anymore.

stress caloriesAnyway, after about two hours on the phone with the manufacturer yesterday and two days of trying to figure it out myself, we came to the conclusion that I already knew, the keyboard is broken.  It’s a busted mess.  It needs to be replaced.  No fucking shit.  I want my two days back.

crazy girlI’m going running.  Because I can fix crazy.

How you doin?

2 thoughts on “It started with the M key

  1. After my ceiling collapsed I’m now dealing with the aftermath of incompetent auto shop who did not tighten down my radiator cap.

    I’ve lost two running days 🙁

    I keep dealing with broken printers at work and our IT not seeming to fix the issue (in the last month Ive had at least 5 tickets).

    Would you consider a wireless keyboard for the time being?

    • Sounds like we are having similar weeks. My laptop has a touchpad which I am using but not without complaining like a baby. It is horrible and I hate it. I’ve got a new keyboard coming tomorrow, its being delivered to Nokomis where I am currently taking an early weekend 😁

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