#GlobalRunningDay 2017

Today is #GlobalRunningDay which of course is a federal holiday for runners everywhere. Kidding! But it is a great day to celebrate all things running so even though it is still raining buckets here, I will be running.

Brooks Running had a ‘big announcement’ via Facebook live this morning.  In case you missed it, you can become a sponsored Brooks runner and get paid, a whole dollar, for real. Visit this link to learn more.

I heard what is most possibly the best news ever, no, really ever.  Listen up…

sunshine skyway marathonclick on the image to read the article

I have cleared my calendar for New Years Eve and New Years Day in anticipation of this and I am just waiting til the big announcement comes. I’ve dreamed about running over this bridge since they built it!

This is the best Global Running Day ever, I hope they make it happen!

Did you run yet today?

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