A long Weekend hawking coffee cups for peanuts

Well, that was nice and relaxing.  Because when you have a three day long garage sale and you really want to keep it short, especially when the weather man calls for temps in the mid 90’s, you advertise that you’re ending at 2PM every day.  That way people will only show up til 8PM just as you’re finishing a late dinner and about to undress and jump in the shower.


I wish I would have had this mug to sell them.  I would have even bought it if I could have found it locally.  It was completely appropriate.  People are really that rude.  And stupid.

For the most part though, people were generally nice but Mom and I were exhausted.  We got up early every single morning and worked outside from 6:30AM til 8:30PM three nights in a row and then we worked around my house all day on Sunday.  I think we need a vacation now.  Thankfully we have some hefty garage sale cash with which to take one.

Cha Ching

I’m going to take Mom down to Nokomis later this week and we’re going to vacation for 4 or 5 days and do all kinds of things but until then, reality.

Even with everything going on last week I still managed to run 33 miles last week, 16 of them over the weekend.  I also put over 120,000 steps on my fitbit.   And, I got in 2 weight workouts and a 30 minute yoga routine from a youtube video so yeah, I am feeling a little super human right now.

Super girl Mug

It’s been really dry here in Florida and crazy hot but we’re expecting a cool down and some rain later in the week so say a prayer for us because we really need it.  I’ve got to get going for now.  For some reason I’ve got a really strong craving for coffee….

What did you do this weekend?

4 thoughts on “A long Weekend hawking coffee cups for peanuts

  1. I keep meaning to put some stuff up for sale for a clear out and extra vacation money but so far no time (and I’d do ebay…). even though it was especially tiring, it’s nice that you have that extra money!

    this weekend we fairly spontaneously decided to do a marathon (the Hubs ran and I biked) in a Nature Reserve here in the Netherlands. It was a glorious day Saturday! Days like we had this weekend are meant to be spent outdoors since you never know when the weather is going to turn on you again! I did post about it on my blog, if you want to at least look at the photos 🙂

  2. WOW, what a weekend! That’s awesome that your garage sale was successful… even if you had to deal with some morons along the way.

    I think I need that moron coffee mug… 😀

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