WTF Wednesday, Smarty Pants

I wish my parents would have never told me to eat all my food on my plate because there are starving children in Africa when I was little.  I was impressionable and it left me with a lifelong obsession about wasting food.

Eat until your stuffed

Instead I wish they would have made me very small amounts of food that I would have obviously eaten very quickly.  Then they could have said, “There are starving kids in Africa who would kill to have that amount of food and they hardly ever get that amount and when they do they have to work for it.  Now, if you want more you can have it but you need to cook it for yourself”’

And then they could have made me actually cook myself some more dinner, (if I actually wanted more), all by myself.  Right?  So then. I would’ve learned not to waste and also how to work for my dinner and if I didn’t want to cook then portion control!

Dayum, I am smart.

Okay, I can tell myself that but then sometimes I try to get out of my car and realize I’m trapped by my own seat belt.   Or I spend 15 minutes looking for my cell phone, while I’m talking on it.  So there’s that.

WTF, it’s Wednesday

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