WTF Wednesday, running in the 7’s

This morning I went out for a run and I decided not to look at my phone but just to run intuitively to see where I’m at physically.  I ran a five mile progression run gradually upping my speed with each mile based on how I felt without looking at my phone or Garmin and I nailed it!  The best part of the entire run was how comfortable it felt because at the very end I kicked it up a bit and I hit the 7’s, the high 7’s of course, but the 7’s.



When I got back, MacGyver asked me how my run was and I said,  “great, I ran a five mile progression run, intuitively, and I hit a high 7:50ish pace in the last mile, and it felt totally comfortable!’  I was a little excited.

And then MacGyver said, ”Well if it was so easy, why didn’t you push a little harder, maybe you would’ve hit the 6’s”


MacGyver obviously doesn’t run and I need to try a little harder all right, just not at running!

WTF?  It’s Wednesday….

2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, running in the 7’s

  1. That’s a decent pace, good effort. Sometimes, its fun to run without being a slave to the watch – I even leave it at home from time to time and just run for fun.

    • I ain’t gonna lie to you Grant, I was quite happy with it. If I ran in the 7’s all the time, I’d kiss my running shoes every day 🙂 And it IS fun to run without a watch. I don’t do it often enough.

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