You can always come for a laugh.

I am getting in as many runs as I can before the time change.  I don’t care what anyone says to convince me otherwise, once the time changes, it will take me weeks to recover and by that time the weather in Florida will be unbearably hot and I’ll be forced to run at 3AM or on the dreadmill.  Life as I know it is over.

so sad

It’s been forever since I’ve taken a day off and so I’ve been taking it really easy and running very slowly because I’m not really all about junk miles.  It’s just that we don’t get a lot of beautiful weather around here so I’m taking full advantage of it.  I am also strength training and doing yoga to ensure that I stay strong.

Over the weekend I read an article and the woman said that she always finishes a run with a handstand to reverse blood flow and I thought that was a great idea.  Somehow I convinced myself that maybe that might even help with my migraines.  Mind you there is no proof of this whatsoever nor did I read that anywhere, I just totally made that up in my head.

Anyway, back in the day I took some gymnastics and I used to be all kinds of bend-y, back in the day.

yogi girl

Okay, maybe not this bend=y

I used to do handstands, and walkovers, and splits and all sorts of things.  Damn it I could do a handstand, I got this!  So, I ran my really slow and comfy six miles this morning and I came home and I decided that I would do an easy handstand.  But just to be on the safe side, and because I’m not completely stupid, I decided the safest thing would be to do it against the side of the house.

The opposite side of the house.

The side away from where MacGyver was at so he couldn’t see me because if he could he would laugh at me.  And before you say anything, don’t.  If the situation were reversed and he were doing a handstand on the opposite side of the house, I would laugh. I would.

I got into position.  I put my hands down on the ground and kicked my left leg up first and then my right leg.  My left leg was resting against the wall, good.  My right leg hit the wall, bounced a bit but then it settled, good.

And then my arms started to tremble…..

I didn’t get a picture, but it would have looked a lot like this:


Yep, that’s about accurate.

Except I fell into a bush and then against the lawnmower.  It was ugly.  And I might have cried.  An ugly cry.


It hurt.

This was probably not one of my better ideas.  You can’t always come here for advice but hey, you can come for a laugh at least.  I don’t mind.  I’m okay.  I’ll be back for more enjoyment tomorrow.  Who knows a squirrel might jump on my head, I might get chased by an emu or I could trip over a walnut.

When is the last time you fell down and went boom?  It happens here all the time.

4 thoughts on “You can always come for a laugh.

  1. LOL–I took 4 falls last year. 3 while running and one while walking into the jr. high for my nephew’s basketball game (thank GOD only my dad was around and he didn’t laugh at me). But I know better than to try a handstand even against a wall. I tried a cartwheeel a few years back and I had vertigo for a good 2 days after. So sad. I used to do legs up the wall all the time. I need to do that again. Much safer for me than a handstand!

  2. You make me laugh so hard after every single post, thank you for that! Once when vacationing in St Lucia, I thought it would be a great idea to go swimming in the ocean at midnight after having dinner and way too many glasses of wine. I got absolutely pummelled by the waves and my bikini bottoms were so full of sand it looked like I was sporting a large mono testicle.

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