WTF Wednesday, Patience Blows!

I am almost finished with the two projects that have consumed my life since October.  Once they’re completed I’ve decided that I’m not going to take on any additional work for at least a month.  Instead I’m going to focus on refinishing some furniture, and building dog beds in my spare time.  And running, of course because I’m obviously going to get very rich with this plan.

I took the dogs to the bank with me today.  It might be the last time I take Hank anywhere if he doesn’t start to behave.  Eventually the nice policeman won’t be so nice when Hank blows the horn at him again.  I mean I’ve told that dog a hundred times that we have to stop for red lights!  Especially when there’s a policeman in front of us, but still,  he insists on blowing that damn horn.

Apparently I’m not alone, a lot of people have high spirited, impatient canines who understand the power of the horn.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here’s some proof.

I never get tired of watching those!

WTF, it’s Wednesday and sometimes patience blows!

2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Patience Blows!

    • Is it bad that I could watch those videos all day long but for some reason when Hank does it I get annoyed after about 5 minutes. Well, not always, but when there are cops involved and he’s blowing the horn right at them, then I get annoyed.

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