WTF Wednesday, I’m 4, hairless, but four….

I almost let it pass again.  This week  Up and Humming quietly turned four.

I'm four

Okay, maybe not quietly, but it did turn four.

I don’t recall ever mentioning a birthday of the blog before but four seemed big so Happy blirthday to me.

Anywho, it’s a short update today.  I’m under the gun to get this project finished.  I’ve got 31 pages to go and a small shopping cart to build for two sites and I only have five days to finish both.

I’ve also got to print out the bank accounts for both mine and MacGyver’s businesses so that we can take them to the accountant to prepare our taxes. Oh, and I also have to do our personal taxes.  And this has to be done, today!

pull hair out

MacGyver is still working from home, a lot.  And by working, I mean, calling the internet company and complaining because his iPad doesn’t work well in the bedroom.  Seriously.

That’s why they’re coming out today.  After we try the new router that he bought first.  And by we, I mean me, because I’m the IT person.   You know, because I don’t have to download tax documents or finish any major projects in five days.

I need more time

I’ll probably update the blog again once I get out of jail.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, at least it’s my fourth blirthday!

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, I’m 4, hairless, but four….

  1. OK that commercial was creepy and funny.

    Im having a hard time filing my taxes. I have to print because I lost my previous year’s return the irs site has a technical error when I request a transcript and the apt printer won’t print my file. Going to try to print at work.

    Happy fourth birthday!

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