Think about it Thursday, Safety

Good Morning.  I’m freezing.  It’s 45 degrees here, currently.  That’s the equivalent of a blizzard in other parts of the World.


In case you didn’t know, I live in the circle!

I ran anyway.  Because that’s how badass I am.  Raynaud’s be damned.  Of course currently I am sitting in the lazy boy chair with Hank on one side and we are under a heated blanket that it cranked up so high we’re in danger of electric shock.  We’re taking our chances.  I’d rather be electrocuted than cold.



Did you guys see this all over the news lately?


Garmin GPS Data

That’s the GPS tracking from a runner’s Garmin.  She posted it on Instagram along with a picture of her injuries and the place where she was attacked and where she successfully fought off her attacker.  If you haven’t read her story, you must.  It is an incredible one of survival and strength.  Seriously, read it.

And while we’re on the subject of strong women, how about this woman in Alabama who was kidnapped and literally escaped by jumping out of the trunk of her car while it was speeding through the parking lot of a convenience store!


Amazingly she wasn’t badly hurt.

We women sure are strong.  Although, I’m not sure I would have been nearly as strong as either of those women, I would hope I would be, but who really knows how you would react unless you’re placed in that situation and let’s hope that never happens.

I would like to say that I think it’s always a good idea when you’re out running alone to carry some mace or pepper spray.  Even when I run close to home, I carry some in my Spibelt.  It’s a tiny little can that MacGyver bought for me several years ago and I hope that I never need it but it doesn’t weight a lot, it’s not bulky, and I just leave it in the belt so that I never forget it.

If I’m ever faced with a situation where I feel that my safety is compromised, I will not hesitate to use it, and then run.  In my opinion, any self-defense is better than no self-defense.

Now, as far as my advice for staying warm……. I got nothing.

What’s the temperature where you are today?

6 thoughts on “Think about it Thursday, Safety

  1. Stories like this scare me. I run w/ pepper spray and a whistle (I carry them in my hand). Rick would love me to carry a gun but unless it is actually in my hand, I think I am not going to be fast enough to actually defend myself. I always try to be aware and stay away from remote areas (even though I would love to run on our bike path)! P.S. I have Raynaud’s too! Hand warmers save me (buy them in bulk at Sam’s each winter).

    • YES to hand warmers! I use them until it’s above 60. I know people laugh at me and I could give two shits. I even put them in my shoes sometimes when we are camping. I can’t run in them in my shoes though 🙁 I do put them in my gloves and wont run without them. They are the best invention ever. Even my dog Hank loves them. we put them in his bed when it’s super cold.

  2. I’m glad she is OK. And dude needs to stay in prison, maybe castrated.

    We’re actually warmer than Florida! I glisten a little to a friend. I have flannel sheets and a space heater.

    Coworkers laugh at me when. I’m cold lol

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