The cathartic long run that almost wasn’t

Last week I actually ran my longest long run since last year when I started having the severe migraines.  On Saturday I ran 13.22 miles, and no, it wasn’t a half marathon and it wasn’t a race.  The week before I ran 12 miles and so naturally I try to progress each week.  Last week I wanted to run 13 miles and I told myself that if 14 felt like it was possible I would keep going.


That was thirteen?  Ah hell, let’s go for fourteen!

But that’s not what happened.

Let’s start from Friday because that seems like the right place to start.  On Friday I decided to get up and walk an easy 3 miles.  I wanted my legs to be nice and fresh on Saturday and I wanted to be rested and prepared, hence the easy three mile walk.  I can’t really remember all that much else about Friday except that I got a lot of work finished and I ran to the store in the afternoon but mostly, I rested those damn legs in preparation.

It looked very similar to this….


Now, this is where the story gets interesting because I have to backpedal a bit and tell you about some things that have been happening around here.  You see we’ve had a bit of a situation with some ‘neighbors’.  There is a zombie house in the neighborhood that has been in foreclosure and vacant since 2001, and recently some squatters moved in.  I can’t go into all of the details but what I can tell you is that their reputations are less than stellar including several brushes with the law and some stints in jail.

Along with many neighbors, we have tried everything we know to get them removed but because the bank refuses to spend the money to hire an attorney and evict the squatters we are helpless and it has made us all a little uneasy.

Now, back to where we were.  I went to bed fairly early on Friday night in preparation for a very long run on Saturday morning and I was super excited about it.  I planned on getting up at 5:30AM, which is when I usually wake up, but instead I was jolted awake at around 5AM when the light suddenly flipped on and MacGyver came bursting into the room looking for something.


After a few seconds I looked at the clock and then I said, ‘hey, I’m not ready to get up yet!’ and MacGyver said, ‘well you might want to because somebody just tried to steal my truck.’


It took me a few minutes to process the information but once I did I shot out of bed and came out to the living room to view the security cameras.  You could see the guy trying to get into the truck and what scared him off was our thirty dollar alarm.  It’s also what woke MacGyver up.  Apparently, I slept through it all, including the part where MacGyver ran out of the house and tried to follow the guy on his bicycle.  The guy got away.  We didn’t call the police because there wasn’t really anything to report.  Nothing was stolen and you couldn’t make the guy out.  We were pissed but again, there wasn’t much we could do.

I almost said screw it and didn’t run but I wasn’t going to let anyone take that away from me.

I went out for my run around 6:30am but around the 1 mile mark I noticed the police around the corner so I ran up to see what was going on.  That was when I found out that exactly 15 minutes after someone tried to steal MacGyver’s truck, someone did steal my neighbor’s car and that someone went on a high speed chase with police and ran the car off a highway ramp!

i need booze

I called MacGyver and he came to meet the police and take them back to our house to show them our security footage so they could compare it to the guy in the car.  We don’t know if it was a match but I hope it was.

I had only run 1.09 miles and I looked at MacGyver, and he knew that I was pissed and he said ‘go finish your run’, and so I did just that.  I ran another 12.13 miles and it was the most cathartic 12.13 miles I have ever run in my life.  EVER.

We may still have squatters and criminals among us but they won’t win.  They never win.

Have you ever had a squatter in your neighborhood?


2 thoughts on “The cathartic long run that almost wasn’t

  1. I don’t think there’s any squatters in our neighborhood (my place in FL). But we have construction workers that are a pain (they speed and litter).

    You didn’t stop at 13.1 or 13.25?? 🙂

    I really really wish I lived next to a park that I could run in. There doesn’t seem to be many pedestrian friendly parks here. Tangent: the sidewalks around here are the most curvy ones I’ve ever seen. And for no reason. The ‘walk doesn’t curve around say a tree root or a fire hydrant. They just meander.

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