Who do those random articles of clothing belong to? ME!

I had every intention of writing a post on Friday.  I had to take the dogs to the vet in the morning and then I was going to do a quick little update before heading off to my own doctors appointment in the afternoon, but the day got away from me and then before I knew it the weekend was over.

Both of my dogs are apparently allergic to just about everything and for Boomer that means repeated ear infections and for Hank it means dermatitis.  For me, it means the poor house.  Fortunately we got off easy this time and walked out with a bill under five hundred dollars.  It was a straight up miracle.

Hank the dachshund

You should be thanking me woman! I’m worth ALL the monies!


After taking the dogs to the vet I spent 3 solid hours trying to figure out some code for a minor feature in a shopping module for website that I built for a client.  It’s a tiny part of the site but it’s been a major source of stress for me and I cannot for the life of me figure out this code to change the damn font size.

Anyway, after all that stress I headed off to the doctor.  I’m not going to go into a rant here but I had to choose a new primary care doctor because Obama Care is so freakin wonderful.  I say that with the absolute utmost sarcasm I can muster.  If you want to debate me on it at another time, we will do that.  For now, let’s stick to the story we’re on.  I had to go to the new doctor to establish a relationship and so that’s what I did.

It went as expected until she listened to my heart and when we got to the part where I always say, yes I know my heart rate is very low, it’s always been low, I’m a runner too, so I’m sure that makes it even lower this time the doctor didn’t accept my answer.  She said a heart rate in the low 40’s that sometimes dips into the 30’s is way too low.  And that’s that.  Oh and also, my blood pressure is high.

good newsSo she is sending me to a cardiologist.  I’m super excited about it.  So much so that I haven’t made the appointment.  I’ll deal with it when I get back from my vacation the second week of April.

She also sent me for some blood work which left me tired and hungry so I decided that instead of rushing home to try and cook dinner it would be a far better idea to call MacGyver and see if he wanted to go out for dinner.  Fortunately, he did.

dinner with the man

Blood work makes you hungry. We ate the whole thing!

And yes, my wine glass was empty and so was the second one.

The next morning I got up and ran 12 miles.  Near the end of the last mile I saw a random sock on the road.  I’ve seen this sock a few times over the last week and something about it always seemed to catch my eye.

Now, you know as a runner you always see random articles of clothing strewn all over the road, and if you’re like me you often think, who the hell throws their sweat pants out of the car window, and why?  Why the hell would you throw away just one flip flop?  Why would you suddenly decide you no longer need your bra?  Was it tight?  Did it hinder your breathing?  Did you need to air the sisters out?  Why throw your jeans out on the road?  Why throw your running shorts out on the trail?  The questions are endless….endless!

Anyway, there was something about this sock and after seeing it for so many days it finally occurred to me what it was.

mangled sock

A mangled sock

Yes, I brought a mangled sock from the side of the road home and I placed it on my bedroom floor and I took a picture of it.  Why?  Because I knew it was familiar.  I knew that at one time very recently that sock belonged to me and I had been looking for it.

And how did I know?

Because the other one had been sitting atop my dresser waiting for me to find its partner…

my other sock!

It’s a match!

What I don’t know is how the other one ended up 3 blocks away all mangled and disgusting.  MacGyver thinks that it was somehow attached to my shorts or shirt from the dryer and I ran with it and it fell out and the rest is history.

I think the more likely scenario is, either Hank or Boomer got a little pissed off at having to wait on me to take them on their walk because I was on a long run so they took one of mommy’s socks and had a party with it and then dropped it while we were on our walk.  Yeah, that’s what happened.

And don’t judge me because I run before I take them on their walk, I would take them first but they have a fence in area and they can go outside at anytime.  Plus I take them on a long walk after.  Besides, I would take them with me if Boomer could handle long runs but he cant and I can’t find a jogging stroller big enough for Boomer let alone big enough for the both of them.

Actually this one neighbor had one that she was selling one time but it was one that she used to push around her 6 big cats in , like everyday.  Um yeah, she was crazy.  And besides, I ain’t putting my dogs in anything that smells like cat butt.

crazy cat lady

Last week I ran 40 miles and I logged over 130,000 steps.  I had my best step day ever on Saturday and I actually logged over 42,500 steps!  I don’t even know how I did that.  Oh wait, yes I do.  Yard Work!  Does it for me every time.

One good thing that happened this weekend, our neighborhood squatters are gone!  No matter what anyone tells you, it pays off in the end.  So if you have squatters in your neighborhood, go ahead and call the bank 37 times a day and threaten to call the media and every other organization you can think of.  It will pay off in the end.  We got our squatter’s out in five weeks.  That’s record time according to most of the people that I’ve spoken to so I’m pretty happy about that but for future reference I’d like to prevent it from ever happening again if we can.

Okay, I’m off to work now but tune in tomorrow because I have some books to tell you about and I’m super excited about them.  If you geek out over books like I do, tune in.

What did you do this weekend, long run?  Steps?  Books? 



The Happiest and the Fattest

WalletHub just released their findings of the 100 fattest cities in America.  The top 20 are all in the South!  Actually, 24 out of the top 25 cities are in the South and that’s just disgusting.

overweight adults

The winner of the fattest city in America is Jackson, Mississippi and the state that came in at the bottom of the list is Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue, Washington.

blood pressure stats

Recent findings from the article

If you want to read the entire article, you can read it here.  It’s very interesting.

WalletHub also did a study on the happiest places to live and I compared the two to see if weight had anything to do with the results.  You’ll have to see for yourself but the suicide rate was alarming.

suicide by cities

I wish they would have included weather in the study because I think weather could be a factor as well, don’t you?

Go read those two articles, seriously.  Good stuff and full of information.  Of course maybe it’s just me because I love all things statistical but I was entertained for at least an hour this morning.

What do you think is one of the biggest reasons Americans are so overweight?  I’m not going to win any popularity points for this one but I’m gonna go ahead and say it, we’re lazy and a lot of us eat shitty.


WTF Wednesday, Patience Blows!

I am almost finished with the two projects that have consumed my life since October.  Once they’re completed I’ve decided that I’m not going to take on any additional work for at least a month.  Instead I’m going to focus on refinishing some furniture, and building dog beds in my spare time.  And running, of course because I’m obviously going to get very rich with this plan.

I took the dogs to the bank with me today.  It might be the last time I take Hank anywhere if he doesn’t start to behave.  Eventually the nice policeman won’t be so nice when Hank blows the horn at him again.  I mean I’ve told that dog a hundred times that we have to stop for red lights!  Especially when there’s a policeman in front of us, but still,  he insists on blowing that damn horn.

Apparently I’m not alone, a lot of people have high spirited, impatient canines who understand the power of the horn.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here’s some proof.

I never get tired of watching those!

WTF, it’s Wednesday and sometimes patience blows!