How many miles can a dog run and how many calories can he help you burn?

Hey y’all!  Happy Friday.  Just a quick update and then I’m out.  We’re headed to Holopaw to the cabin for the weekend and I WILL be updating from there because we now have Verizon unlimited which means we no longer have to worry about 47 dollar streaming movies.  (Yeah, that happened, once.)

high cell phone bill

Now that was one hell of a movie! Mine wasn’t this good thankfully. MacGyver would have killed me.

Anyway, I decided since we’re going to be leaving after lunch and arriving sometime early in the evening I had better go ahead and get my long run in.  You may be wondering why since I have my own running trail on our property at the cabin and the reason is the trail will need to be groomed first and I may not have time to do that before dark.

That’s the downside of having your very own trail on private property.  There are no maintenance crews to maintain it for you, no one to mow it, no one to check for rodents or snake holes.  It is what it is.

twelve mile run

So, I got up this morning and ran twelve miles before work.

And now I can run however many miles I want on my trail, with my dogs and I love to run with my dogs.  The only problem is, I can’t run them both the entire time.  For those of you who don’t know, Boomer, my lab has had a few surgeries and has bad knees so he can only run for a mile at a time and then he has to rest for a while.  Hank, the dachshund has little short legs but he’s young and can run up to 2 and half or 3 miles before he needs a good rest but we have to be careful with him because he can also have problems with his hips and back.

When you run with dogs it’s really important that you know what their limitations are.  You also need to be aware of their needs.  Dogs need water and fuel just like we do so make sure you bring enough for the two of you.

If you’ve ever wondered which breeds of dogs are the best to run with you will probably enjoy this infographic that Lovejoys Pet Food was kind enough to send over to me.  Check it out, it’s pretty cool.


Do you have a dog?

Do you run with your dog?

How many miles can your dog run?

4 thoughts on “How many miles can a dog run and how many calories can he help you burn?

  1. I have a Cavalier King Charles lapdog – and he joins me for most runs up to 4 miles. My rule of thumb is that he only runs as long as he can comfortably outpace me 🙂

  2. I think it is SO important for dog owners to understand the limits of their pets. They can’t talk and they will go forever because they are so loyal. Macy is 10 1/2 so we enjoy a cool down walk after my run and it’s only about 20 minutes. That is all she needs…any more or too many days in a row and poor girl gets really stick and creeky (she has elbow displaysia). We also don’t throw a ball to her because it is way too hard on her joints. Instead we enjoy taking her swimming at the lake and sometimes (in the summer) I get in with her. It’s the best.

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