Happiness is Community and 14 mile runs fer sher.

Good Monday on ya!  Is that even correct?  Like would someone actually say that or did I just make that up?  I think I made it up due to lack of sleep.  Oh well, here’s something that is correct, Happy first day of Spring!

And it certainly feels like Spring….


Anyway.  Don’t get me wrong I ain’t complaining.  I love this weather.  It’s glorious, GLORIOUS!  Come back and read in August and I’ll be bitching like a mad person.

We had a pretty low key weekend.  I worked for most of it.  I ran a lot too, 18 miles total.  Yeah, I know.  I was pretty happy with myself and I totally needed it.  If not for running, I’d be so stressed out.  I’m not sure what everyone else in the neighborhood does but that’s my stress relief.

On Saturday I ran 14 miles for my long run and I started in my neighborhood, but I really wanted to finish up in Kapok park because I was craving the beauty of it so that’s just what I did.  I saw this older runner there that I’ve seen a few times this week so I said hi.  He said hi back and we were both just sitting there stretching so I said, ‘are you enjoying this weather?’ and he said, ‘oh yeah, fer shuuur’.

I noticed that accent was definitely not Floridian and I’m sort of a geek so I said, ‘are you from Fargo?’ and he said, ‘close, about 20 miles up a bit’ and I’m like, ‘you betcha’ but he wasn’t really impressed with my Fargo dialect.  Anyway, we talked about running for a bit and it turns out he used to run and bike and swim and actually ran a few triathlons in his youth.  I mentioned that it must have been really hard to train in North Dakota and he said, yeah, much harder than it would be to train here.  I didn’t argue with him but I’m not so sure he was correct.  Maybe he’s not familiar with all the things we Floridians have to deal with.

Florida Triathlon Training

It’s hard y’all!

Y’all may remember the squatter situation in my neighborhood?  Well, it’s still a problem.  In fact, it’s got the entire neighborhood all stressed out.   The police are here daily and nothing has been done.  On Saturday while walking the dogs, I found a syringe in front of the house.  That’s not a good sign.  We all feel helpless.

There was another attempted break in at another vacant house right across the street from me and the police were actually rude to my neighbors and questioned them because they were watching the house for the homeowner who is in Australia.  They said we need to leave the police work up to them.  You know because they’re doing it so well.

what the fuck

On Saturday night there was a confrontation when one of my neighbors came home and the squatter’s yelled at him and his wife.  He lives right across the street from them so I imagine it’s much more stressful for him and he hit his breaking point.   He yelled back.  Unfortunately, he made the mistake of entering the yard of the home they are squatting in.  They actually called the police on him.  He was almost arrested, him, the rightful homeowner.  We are being harassed daily.  Everyone is stressed.

I read an article this morning about the happiest places in the world and the least stressful places to live.  Norway tops the list.  Actually the top five are Nordic countries and what they all had in common was a strong sense of community.  Community.  That’s so very important.

I feel a strong connection to all of my neighbors around me.  We’ve built a really close group around here and amazingly, we all get along and genuinely like each other.  We are more like friends than neighbors.  These squatter’s have got to go.

wood stork and peacock

Except for me and the Peacock lady!

All right, you two can stay.

Hank and Boomer

And us too!

Of course Mama’s babies can stay!

Okay, the birds and the dogs and all the animals can stay. Animal squatter’s are welcome here.  Tell all your friends.  Just leave your humans behind.

What did you do this weekend?

How long was your long run?

Does running ease your stress?

2 thoughts on “Happiness is Community and 14 mile runs fer sher.

  1. I love that tri picture! I never thought about it but yeah…that is kind of how it would be in Florida. I am sorry about the squatters–that really sucks. This weekend we had dinner with friends on Friday, I attended a meditation workshop on Saturday and met a friend for coffee on Sunday. Lots of baking happened Sunday afternoon 🙂 I don’t run long but I had a great 3.3 miler on Sunday (Saturday I swam). Running (swimming, cycling and yoga) all help to clear my head. I also have a lot of non sport things to do this, too. Yet, sometimes I find myself with a full head, still. Sigh.

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