Another weekend on Dog Town Trail

I went for a run in the neighborhood this morning and I thought I would die.  Literally.  I got to 4.3 miles and I just gave up.  It is so hard to run on trails all weekend and then come home to pavement.  So. Very. Hard.

Dog Town Trail

You would miss this too right?

Dog Town Trail

I mean this beats pavement any old day!

I ran on my running trail both days we were at the cabin.  The first day was a bit more challenging because MacGyver hadn’t yet had the time to mow it down so I had to dodge all the roots that had grown up and I had to watch out for critters.  Luckily, the only major incident was with this guy.

Sand hill crane

Can you see him off in the distance there?

Well, here’s a much better picture.  I took the next one right before he sang out and flew over me.

sand hill crane

I said sang out but it was more like a yell.

And did I mention that he had a very long snake in his mouth?  Well, he did.  And it was hella scary.

The other issue with my trail on Saturday were the random holes that appeared.  I’m not sure what made said holes and after the Sand hill crane snake incident, I’m not sure I ever want to know.

Here is the photographic evidence.

random hole

First Random Hole

two holes

two random holes

And then I found a bazillion more.  And then I started finding very large ones, like this.

big ass hole

That’s a big ass hole!

MacGyver went around the entire trail and filled them all in for me before I ran the next day so the dogs and I would not get hurt.  (He’s a keeper!)

The next day we ran our asses off and I may or may not have fallen asleep with them.

You should make it a point to snuggle with pups every know and then. It lowers your blood pressure.  Hank is wearing a super cool vest that MacGyver bought him.

A little later, MacGyver and I took a ride on the ATV.  MacGyver took me on the upper trail which is the more dangerous one.  It’s the higher part where you can look down over the side and see down about 40 feet into the palm scrubs and cypress trees.  It gets a little hairy in some parts and MacGyver just plows right through.  (Mom, if you’re reading I’m so kidding, we always take the lower trail and MacGyver always stays in 2nd gear, he’s such an old man.)

sugar sand

Florida Sugar Sand. I’ve actually driven the motorcycle on this before. True story, I have. I would never do that again, ever.

mud trail

Mud trails, possibly an upper one…

upper trail view

This is a view from an upper trail.


I finally broke down and brought home a piece of driftwood from our property.  I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look around the pond.

We were exhausted by Sunday afternoon and ready to get home but then MacGyver spotted something between the orange trees in the groves on the way out.

Turkey Call

Calling the Toms

Yes friends, that’s a Turkey call in his hands.  A good wife lets her husband go hunting but a great wife will sit quietly in a car while super exhausted with two exhausted dogs and let her excited husband use his turkey call for half an hour to try to bring out some turkeys because she knows how happy he’ll be when this happens.

Tom Turkeys

Here come the Toms!

And that smile on his face lasted the entire three hour ride home!

I’d say it was a pretty successful trip.  I need to get back to that running trail.

How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Another weekend on Dog Town Trail

  1. How long is your running trail? It is perfect! So, I ran on JUST a treadmill for about 4 years and I finally decided I needed to break up w/ it because I kept getting injured. I am telling you my first run on pavement and I thought I was going to DIE. I felt like I was going slow motion and it was taking so much effort. I think I made it 2.5 miles and then had to walk home. I remember having that taste of blood in the back of my throat. LOL. Now I never on a treadmill but I do notice when we go to Mexico everything is concrete (I run on asphalt) and by the end of the week, my legs are screaming at me! I wish I had a nice (safe) trail to run. My legs would LOVE me!!

    • Trail running is definitely good for your body. My legs appreciate it sooo much. I just wish our cabin was closer and maybe had electricity? or not? It depends on when you ask me, lol My trail is actual two parts, it circles the property and is about 1/3 of a mile but then there are some little loops through the property that make it just under a mile. I usually just run whatever route I feel like and by that I mean wherever the dogs are sniffing that day….

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