Throwing a little nightshade

I don’t really have a favorite NFL team though if I had to pick one it would be the bucs because I live in Tampa Bay and I believe you should support the home team.  I also don’t really follow the NFL all that much because I don’t find nearly as exciting as college football but what I do find impressive it some of the workouts and diets of the players.

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This week there has been a lot of talk regarding Tom Brady and his excellent conditioning and how at 39 years old many football players would be retiring but Tom Brady is at the top of this game and he attributes it to his strict diet.  So naturally I was intrigued.

Did you know that at 25 years old Tom Brady was in pain all the time?  I mean like, ALL the time.  By changing his diet, he changed his life.  If you’re curious as to just what Tom Brady eats, go here to find out.  I was surprised.  I felt like I was reading one of the diets in the Hashimoto’s forum I follow.


Mr. Brady doesn’t eat tomatoes.  In fact, he doesn’t eat any nightshades at all because they can cause inflammation.  Now, I know this because I have an autoimmune disease so I read a lot about different foods and diets but I wonder why Mr. Tom Brady doesn’t eat nightshades or refined sugar or dairy or white flour.

duh gawh

Well of course, because he wants to play football until he’s like, fifty!  Good for you Mr. Brady, you probably will.

Here’s what I have a hard time with though.  Tom Brady’s diet is very similar to mine.  Except organic.  I don’t always do organic.  Except when I can.  And that means when my budget is okay with it, and by that I mean, when I do the shopping by myself and MacGyver doesn’t see the bill.  (And even then only if it’s affordable because I still won’t pay a ridiculous amount of money for organic when I can just wash it.)  See:  I’d rather eat than starve.

Also, I cook with olive oil and coconut oil and I do eat dairy although I don’t eat soy and I don’t eat nightshades at all.   Sadly, I do not have a chef, unless you count MacGyver but his foot has been giving him trouble for the past few months so he’s been on leave.  I’ve thought about asking him to let me hire a chef but I think I’d have better luck asking for organic meat and even then I’d have to be asking for it as birthday or anniversary present!

I guess what I’m trying to say is I hope people don’t shy away from such a healthy diet because it’s so strict.  You don’t have to be so strict, I still indulge in a cup of coffee or three on occasion daily.  And I hope they don’t avoid it because they’re intimidated by the words organic and chef.  Those two things are wonderful and while we’d all love them, they aren’t entirely necessary.

Do you find athletes diets interesting?

On a scale of 1-10 how healthy is your diet? 

5 thoughts on “Throwing a little nightshade

  1. As a foodie, dieting is unrealistic and undesirable for me. I try to function in a place of balance. Since I enjoy healthy foods it’s not a chore to include them in my diet and I actually crave fruits and vegetables often. I have found restrictions like this diet are too hard for me to maintain.

    • I do agree that dieting is unrealistic and these types of diets are hard to maintain. I do eat fruit and veggies but I avoid tomatoes, potatoes and peppers because I have problems with them but the funny thing is, if I didn’t have an autoimmune disease I would eat all the things. I would still eat healthy but I wouldn’t have to be so fanatical about it and I could enjoy so much more.

  2. I did know about Tom Brady’s diet and I am interested in learning what works for people. I have a 4 year degree in nutrition but abandoned grad school when started my career at HP. I just eat everything except gluten and dairy and concentrate on unprocessed food. I will never be so strict that I can’t treat myself to wine or a nice stout or dessert, however. I just try to balance it out by staying on what works for me (and that I love) 90% of the time!

  3. I think I’m a healthy eater, but every time I turn around there’s a new study contradicting what I think is healthy! I don’t know what to think about nightshades. I’m also hypothyroid, so I probably eat very similar to you, but I get very confused. (Don’t eat goitrogens! It’s okay to eat goitrogens as long as they’re cooked! Who’s correct?) I found this article about Tom Brady’s diet interesting though-

    • That is interesting. I wasn’t aware that he didn’t eat fruit. I have never avoided goitrogens but peppers and tomatoes give me serious heartburn and tend to make my thyroid issues worse so I avoid most nightshades but seriously, figuring out how to mange thyroid disease is like a second job isn’t it?

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