Throwback Thursday, the future is stupid

I remember once I was talking to the kid about music and I said something about a record that I used to loved to listen to until it started skipping and he said, a what?  So, I had to explain what a record was.  *Big sigh and then mumble and groan about how old I feel*

When I was a kid, when we wanted to read a book we went to the book store, or the library, and we got an actual book.

1983 book

And when we wanted to make a phone call we picked up the phone from the wall and dialed all the numbers by sticking our finger in the number and turning each one.  Do you remember?

70's phone

And then you would try to stretch the cord all the way into your bedroom and close the door without ripping the cord out of the wall.  A feat I mastered quite well, I might add.

And I can even remember when TV stars used to show up in ads for things like shampoo:

brooke sheilds

And even cigarettes:

Tom Selleck


If you would have told me back in the day that in the future people would come to my house and ask to use my USB ports to charge their phones, books and cigarettes, I’d have told you the future was stupid!

Obviously, I am not a visionary.  It’s a good thing I have learned to embrace my technical gadgets and my inner geek!

16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, the future is stupid

  1. I am so glad we got to experience things like a typewriter, a rotary phone, busy signals, the library and the card catalog (or microfiche!!), cars that had two sets of keys (one for the door lock, one for the ignition). I love my PC and my smart phone but it’s nice to have grown up in simpler times, I think. Kids today have no idea what life is like without technology!

  2. I get it! Yesterday I even had a moment whilst watching one of those “hunters” shows (I think it was luggage or storage, something like that) and a young woman had bought a non-claimed suitcase for $5… inside was a “Vintage” copy of Interview magazine, which I totally recognised… I shouted at the TV – that’s not vintage, it’s from the 80’s! I used to subscribe to Interview! How could it be vintage!!! That’s when I realised, I’m really getting old. *le sigh*

  3. Hahaha, YES to all of these! And seeing the cigarette ad, remember when guys always showed off their hairy chest? No hair meant young boy/no testosterone. How things have changed. 🙂

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