The race for behind, I’m winning!

I got my run in very early yesterday then walked the dogs and got right to work.  I have a project that was due on the first of April and I had given myself plenty of time to complete it and I was all ready to dive in and then that thing that always happens happened.


The client decided that she needed to move the date up two weeks and then another client decided that a module that they previously didn’t need on their site they now need, yesterday.

And if all that wasn’t enough to stress me out and give me minor heart palpitations, MacGyver was home yesterday and he wanted me to do quotes for him.   Oh, and did I mention that he was in the garage working on his motorcycle so he kept leaving his phone in the house which means his business line then rings over to my phone, so yeah, I was also answering calls for him yesterday and dealing with his clients.

so mad

Sometime around 3 in the afternoon the phones died down and I was finally able to start to get my work started and then someone rang the damn doorbell.  So MacGyver looks over at me from where he’s laying comfortably on the sofa and asks if I’d go answer the door.

you trying me

He re-thought that and then got up and answered it himself which was a good thing because I think I would have felt really shitty if I’d have yelled at the Girl Scout and her dad selling cookies from her little red wagon.

I never got any work done yesterday.   None.

So, that’s what I’m doing today and that’s why this is a short post.  I didn’t want to leave you without quality content though so I ask Boomer and Hank to contribute something.  Boomer was more than willing to contribute and offered up a couple of pictures.

Boomer bear

Boomer Blankey

Hank, not so much.  Y’all know he needs more motivation.  I had to hold him and coddle him until he fell asleep and then take his picture.

I get royalty fees Peasants!

Such a spoiled one!

I’ll be back tomorrow once I get a little caught up.

Have a fabulous day!

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