Running by the bundt, tell me your story!

I am loving our weather lately.  How could I not?

local weather

This is the stuff that running dreams are made of right?  It’s been spectacular and I have been loving every single minute of it.  I’m loving it so much that by the time I finish running I come home and immediately take the dogs for a very long walk before I even shower.  And then after I shower, if I feel like it, we go again.

Yeah, the weather is that good and as much as I wish it was like this all the time, it isn’t, so we have to take it while we can.  Sadly, I also have to work so being outside all day is not really an option, but the best thing happened this week and it has brought me loads of entertainment.

On Monday while walking with the dogs we came upon the punted bundt.

The bundt

I only noticed it because Boomer tried to eat it and I had to quickly maneuver him away before he scarfed it down and then I thought to myself, who throws a half-eaten bundt cake out of a car?  Where they eating the cake in the car?  Did they buy a half a cake and then drop it out of the car?  Did they eat half of it and decide they didn’t like it?  Did they toss it at someone?

And that’s how it started.  Over the week I came up with a story every day about how the bundt cake ended up on the side of the road.  This is the most plausible one:

A man thought that he was doing a very sweet thing by bringing home a bundt cake to his lovely bride.  Since his mother loved bundt cakes and often baked them for him and his father he assumed his bride would love the thoughtful gesture and he would be rewarded later that evening. 😉

Unfortunately the lovely bride happened to be revolted by bundt cakes as they reminded her of a decrepit old neighbor who used to deliver one to her family every Christmas while smoking a cigar and ever so slightly spilling ashes into the icing atop the cake.  So the lovely bride graciously accepted the cake, pretending to eat a bit and then she threw the rest away when he wasn’t looking.

This went on for a few days until half the cake was gone and she told her husband that this was way too much cake for the both of them and she was going to take the rest to her office to share with her co-workers.  The husband thought this was such a wonderful idea and couldn’t help but think what a thoughtful and kind woman he had married.

The woman wasted no time and loaded that bundt cake into her car.  The very next morning on the way to the office she carefully and lovingly tossed that bundt cake right out the window and there it lies right on the side of the road, Still.

Nobody really likes bundt cake.

Now it’s your turn to play, tell me how you think the bundt cake got on the side of the road.

4 thoughts on “Running by the bundt, tell me your story!

  1. I wish we were having your weather! The overnight lows are the normal summer season lows in Colorado and it’s bliss! Is it wrong that I do love bundt cake? I love, love your story but here’s my version: someone drove by and threw the bundt cake at a runner. I speak from experience because in all my many, many years of running the stuff that has been thrown at me is insane!

  2. Your story is perfection. Best part of my afternoon so far 🙂

    Also, I must admit I do, actually, like a good bundt. I also love that there is a store called “Nothing Bundt Cakes”. Because I love a good pun even more than a good bundt.

    It’s been gorgeous out here in Los Angeles this week too, and it’s been pure running heaven.

    • Awe, you’re too kind. I love the name of that store! I too, love a good pun. Puns are the best.
      I heard that you guys were having great weather too, let’s hope it sticks around for a while 🙂

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