Rent is cheap at the Palace of do not disturb

MacGyver and I stayed home this weekend because I had to work.  I am really behind on a few projects and had to wait on some things to be installed on the server and due to that delay well, other things got delayed and so on and so on.

snowball dog

Is this what they mean by the snowball effect?

I was actually finally able to get some work done this weekend although I’m still behind.  I also managed to get some running in.  On Saturday I actually got in a long run and I plowed through eleven miles.  ELEVEN!

eleven miles

Does anyone else slow down and really enjoy those miles more when they’re stressed out?  I drag those bitches out as long as I can!

But what makes the day even more spectacular is that I somehow managed to run eleven miles, work 7 hours on the computer, work in the yard for 4 hours, work two more hours on the computer and then, I’m not sure how I did it but I ended up with over 34,000 steps on my fitbit!

MacGyver and I celebrated my not dying by watching what I thought would be a cute little animated sausage movie, Sausage Party.  Did I mention that I’m an idiot.

(Yeah, maybe don’t let me babysit your children because I don’t always make good choices.)

sausage party

This isn’t just food porn, it’s the food porn academy award winner.  Unfortunately, I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy so, I loved it.

On Sunday I ran another five miles and then I alternated working on my computer and yard work throughout the day.   You may wonder why that is considering I’m so far behind with my actual work.  You’re probably thinking, why didn’t she just work on the computer and get caught up?

Let me fill you in.

Did I mention that MacGyver is still working from home.   He’s been doing that for over a week now.  At first I didn’t mind.  I just went about my day, working as usual in the living room in my lazy boy but then he kept asking me if I could help with this and that.

So I moved to my desk into my bedroom.  And then, he started coming into the bedroom and asking if I could help with his quotes or could I just get him that or could I run to the bank and make deposits for him.


So finally, I did the only thing I could do.  I moved to the sacred area.  I moved to the only place in the house that is free from interruption.  The palace of do not disturb.

I started working in the bathroom.  And it worked too, for about an hour, because once he realized I wasn’t dying and I was either online shopping or working in there, he barged right in.

oh no you didn't

I might have to add shopping for office space to my to-do list if somebody doesn’t go back to his normal schedule soon!  I swear, if I didn’t have a weak pelvic floor, I’d be out for a second run already.

Did you get in a long run this weekend?

All of you work from home peeps, how do you keep the distractions at a minimum or where do you bury the bodies?

6 thoughts on “Rent is cheap at the Palace of do not disturb

  1. I work from home and have a dedicated office (/yoga studio/art studio). Rick is really good about leaving me alone if he happens to be home. The only distractions I have are doing laundry and maybe starting dinner prep (Rick does most of it) and I can do that either while dialed into my meetings or between meetings. In fact, I waste more time if I go into the office because I run into people and end up chatting for too long!

      • Rick owns his own business so I get it. I am his unpaid admin assistant, marketing manager, business office manager, you name it. Only two titles bigger than mine…Rick (owner) and Macy (Chief Canine Officer or CCO as we like to call her).

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