I’m reverse ageing, like a vampire

I can see!

I can see

Even though I won’t actually get my new glasses for another week I got a new pair of contact lenses and I’ve ordered 12 more pairs, which should also arrive in about a week, but I cannot wait to tell you the most interesting thing that happened during my eye exam.

I may have mentioned to you that I have felt like my prescription was off for years, well guess what?  Apparently my eyes have been doing something amazing.  They’ve been getting better.  Seriously.  No, I’m not kidding.

Happy Dance

For years I hated going in to see the eye doctor because it seemed like every time I went my eyes got worse and then about 15 years ago they stabilized and I after a while I guess I just assumed it would stay that way, but it didn’t.  Six years ago my eyes got really bad and my prescription changed drastically and the pattern started over again.

And then Friday happened.

Y’all my prescription is now the same prescription that my doctor wrote for me SIX YEARS AGO!  My eyes got better. Better.  How does that even happen?

Its a miracle

Or, I’m a Vampire.  Either way, I’ll take it. Because, I can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Unfortunately there’s a downside to being able to see, it’s called dirt.  Because now that I can see clearly I’m discovering all the places that I obviously wasn’t cleaning too well before and holy hell is my family dirty.  It’s horrifying.

I did manage to get some running in this weekend.  I didn’t ramp up my long run to 14 since I took last week off, instead I went back down to 10.  I wanted to ease back into my long run and I’m glad I did because honestly, I was a bit sore on Sunday so I played it safe with an easy 4 mile recovery run.

Saturday Run

Saturday Long Run


Sunday Recovery Run

Last night MacGyver and I watched the much anticipated Puppy Bowl and it was awesome as always.  I really hope all those puppies find a good home.

puppy bowl

Seriously though I really wanted to tell y’all about a new show on Netflix right now that you have to watch.  It’s called Santa Clarita Diet.

Santa Clarita Diet

I love this new series.  Drew Barrymore is hilarious.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

And in case you’re wondering, we did watch the Super Bowl.  We didn’t really have a favorite team but we thought the game was really good.  The half time show was great and I loved Lady Gaga, she never disappoints, even MacGyver was impressed.  The thing that we loved the most though were the drones during Gaga’s opening number, that was spectacular!

Happy Smonday!

Did you watch the puppy bowl?

What was your long run this weekend?

3 thoughts on “I’m reverse ageing, like a vampire

  1. I wanted to watch the Santa Clarita Diet (because I LOVE Timothy Olyphant–he’s very sexy) but I can’t do zombie shows! I tried the Walking Dead and was like “this is lame”. I am addicted to Nurse Jackie, however (no pun intended). Lady Gaga was amazing. Wow–she is so talented, isn’t she?

    • I promise you it is sooooo different from the Walking Dead. Not even close. You will LOVE it. Just try one episode and if you aren’t hooked I will be shocked! And yes, Gaga is ah-mazing. I think her talent is vastly under recognized.

      • OK…We are going to Mexico in a week so Rick and I will give it a try and watch at least 2. Maybe all the extra alcohol in our system will help us like it. I will get back to you!!

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