Happy Friday, I’m off to get new eyes

Happy thank the Lord it’s freakin FRIDAY y’all!

granny dance

Work it granny!

Now, let’s jump right in and get right to it because here are five fast things you need to know, like really, need to know.  Really.

First, the bundt cake is no more.  When I took the dogs for their morning walk Boomer was trying to lick something in the road.  It took me a hot minute to figure out that the flat mess was actually our beloved bundt.  Someone had moved it to the middle of the road and then plowed over it with a tire.  I’m assuming it was a teenage boy or a middle aged man with a mullet.  Those are the only types of people I know who would enjoy such a sport.

monster truck jam

I mean, have you ever been to a monster truck jam?

Rest in peace little bundt cake, it was nice knowing ya!

Number 2, guess who’s back…..



The dogs and I spotted him this morning on our walk and he was waiting for us when we came back.  I just love his little winged butt.  He’s so sweet too.  He gently comes up and eats right out of my hand every time.  It won’t be long until the rest of his family comes and they should be here for a few months and the mallards will follow.  I love this time of year.

Our weather is still awesome and that brings me to thing three which is my run this morning.  I decided to just go out and run by feel this morning.  I turned on runkeeper and then put it in my pocket.  I planned to try and do a 3 mile progression run by feel at a very easy pace but NOT to look at my phone until the end.  These were my splits:

running splits

Do you see how beneficial this weather is to running?  Did I mention how much I love it?  I did?  Well I’m mentioning it again.  I LOVE IT!!!!!

Next is sort of a little problem I’m having that maybe you can help me with because well, I’m sort of lazy about fixing it.

not lazy

I signed up for a group on yahoo.  One of those email group things.  I wanted some info in regards to my thyroid condition and I thought it would be insightful but instead I end up with 100’s of emails a day and I’m not sure how to go into my settings and get out of the group.

Actually, I’m just too lazy to look up how to do it.  If any of you know how to opt out of the group you join in that damn yahoo group thingy could you just tell me?  You can email me if you want at upandhumming at gmail dot com.  You will be my new best friend.   Just don’t email me every day.

And lastly, I’m getting new eyes.

Bambi in glasses

So that’s what the world looks like?  bwahahahahaha

Well, not technically but at 12:30 today I’ll be at the eye doctor getting a new prescription for glasses and contact lenses and since they have gotten my prescription wrong for the last 4 years I am not hopeful but I’m praying this will be my year.  I’d love to be able to see clearly again, I’ve heard it’s a wonderful thing.

Tell me something,

Has your running improved with the weather?

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday, I’m off to get new eyes

  1. A moment of silence for the bundt! I will say, though, if I saw it in the road and got to run over it while out cycling I would get some satisfaction with that. Does that put me in the same class as a teenage boy or a middle ager w/ a mullet?!? LOL. Way to go on the run! I slow way down in the frigid temps so once it gets back into the 30’s and 40’s my “speed” shall return (or maybe not). I used to let it get to me and now I am (mostly) just grateful I can get out there…slow miles are better than no miles!

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