Another piece of Americana gone

We’re off to our cabin in Holopaw for the weekend.  And we just happened to get a cold front this morning so by the time you’ll actually be reading this, I’ll probably be out running.  Hopefully.  The plan is to do my long run this morning but we’ll have to see how that works out.

Before I head out I just wanted to show something from my week that actually made my heart swell up like a big old balloon.  My niece mentioned me in her homework and my sister in law sent me a text to show it to me.

The cutest thing ever, right?

Is that not the most precious thing ever?  I don’t know what her grade was but I give her an A+

One more quick thing.  Y’all may remember the airstream installment that I have showed you many times when MacGyver and I take our trips out to the cabin:

the airstream installment

They removed it this week!  I am so sad about it.  No explanation was given as to why.  I feel like we’ve lost an important little piece of Americana.  I mean I know it was just a silly little roadside attraction like the largest ball of yarn, but I loved that thing.

What will they get rid of next?  The Reptile World Serpentarium of St. Cloud?  I better go by there on my way to the cabin just in case……

What’s your favorite weird roadside attraction and why?


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