15 Valentines Day Down, trust me it’ll catch on!

Happy Valentines Day!

Boomer and Hank

Cards from Boomer and Hank

Only the Dogs are celebrating Valentines day in our house on the actual day of this year.

MacGyver and I have decided to celebrate something we are calling 15Valentines Day Down.  That’s the day after Valentine’s Day when I’ll run to the store and buy ALL the things at 50% off and then we’ll go to whatever restaurant we want whenever we want without having to wait for even a minute.

It’ll be magical.  This is soooo gonna catch on.

How do you feel about Valentines Day?  Overrated?  Love It?  Take it or leave it?  Forgot it was today and so you decided to create a new holiday called 15 Valentines Day Down?

4 thoughts on “15 Valentines Day Down, trust me it’ll catch on!

  1. I don’t care about it. So your 15Valentine’s day is a good idea! A friend and I sometimes exchange “spring baskets” after Easter for the discounted stuff.

    I love puns.

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