WTF Wednesday my bad dream

I had a dream last night that I went running even though it was foggy and the middle of the night.  Oh and also, I was running in a cave even though I knew there were some bad people in the cave.  For some reason I thought that I was beyond approachable and I ran through the cave without a care in the world.  I have the most awesome dreams don’t cha know.

Just as I could see the opening at the end of the cave the bad men jumped out and grabbed me.

screaming and falling



I woke up sweating to the sound of my alarm.  It was horrible and then I remembered that it was just a dream.

After a cup of coffee and putting on my running clothes I headed out for some miles but when I opened the door it was so foggy I could barely see my hand in front of my face.


I went anyway because a, it wasn’t dark and b, I had mace, and c, if I didn’t get to run this morning the world would be a much scarier place today and nobody wants that drama. Trust me.

WTF, It’s Wednesday!

Do you ever bad dreams?  I do, but usually they’re more odd than bad cause that’s how I roll.

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