WTF Wednesday? Mama said there’d be days like this

The domain name transferred over finally and last night I was able to finally launch my project but of course that’s when the bugs come out and the tweaks begin.  Cue the violins…..

So this morning I was all set to begin the training but then, I overslept.


But then I remembered that I ran yesterday and today was going to be an off day so that I actually had an extra hour!  So I began to relax and get to the dogs ready and then I took them out for a walk but like all good dogs, they picked today of all days to be on their absolute worst behavior.

First, they almost broke my arm trying to chase the neighbor’s cat while going out the front door.  Later, they tried to chase a squirrel up a palm tree and each ran the opposite way which resulted in what I”m sure is probably a minor shoulder injury.  Later they tried to chase the garbage guy because he usually gives them treats and they wanted one, except it was the wrong garbage guy and he got scared and ran.  I wasn’t expecting that, otherwise I wouldn’t have done a face plant into my neighbors hibiscus bush.

I finally made it home and showered but I had to take my rings off to clean them and for some reason I forgot how fat my finger are and how large my knuckles are, sort of like this.

fat fingers

Except mine are worse.  Considering how my day was going, if I would have thought my rings were safe at home, I would have left them there with the rotten dogs but I thought about it and decided to slather olive oil on my fingers, say a prayer, and then cuss like a sailor and slide those bitches over my genetic boulders most people call knuckles.

I finally got myself dressed and ready to head out the door only 15 minutes later than I was supposed to be there but then I had to get in my car.  I wore my grey picture skirt and I drive an SUV.  Apparently I have not mastered the art of wearing a pencil skirt and stepping up into my car.

How does this woman do it?  Maybe it’s those awesome butt muscles she’s rockin?  That’s it.

pencil skirt

Can you see where this might be an issue?  I looks like it takes a lot of skill.  Skill that I obviously do not have!

WTF?  It must be Wednesday!

How did your day go?

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday? Mama said there’d be days like this

  1. I move the skirt up slightly so I can get in my SUV. Also, I may not be the most ladylike and figure it’s a split second and my gracelessness is blocked by the door mostly. LOL

    Her Hummer (no bad jokes from me) may lower so she can get in easier. Or…it’s KK, she may hike her skirt ALL the way up.

  2. Ugh…funny not funny. Our mailman gives Macy treats so when he comes she literally runs over and GETS INTO his truck. I was mortified the first time she did it and he just smiled and was like “she does this all the time”. Our pets are treat whores, I think!

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