WTF Wednesday, Embrace your mistakes

Yesterday I had to do some training for the never ending project and I was running late. As I backed out of the driveway I almost ran over a squirrel and two peacocks but I made it on time, only to realize I had on two different shoes.

two different shoes

In all fairness, they sort of look alike!

Two. Different. Shoes.

Maybe that’s why no one noticed.  What?  You really think I would actually drive all the way home and change and risk being 5 or 10 minutes late?  Never!

Besides I got up early enough to get ready, walk the dogs, and get out the door in plenty of time, but I just couldn’t do it because no matter how prepared I am I will always find something else that needs to be done, (or someone else will find something else for me to do), that takes a little extra time.  Then I’ll run the risk of being late and the anxiety will set in and bam, two different shoes, or a similar situation will occur every damn time.  See:  Leaving roller in my hair, etc.


This should be my motto in life!

I trained my clients for around 3 hours before they got really busy with their own clients and then it became too crazy so we wrapped it up, after which I had to hurry back and try to make some edits on another project that I’ve decided to take on.

So, I came straight back and worked for two more hours without a break or lunch because a lot of days are like that when you’re self-employed.  And then MacGyver came home and said he needed me to write a quote for him, and the accountant called and said that both MacGyver and I needed to come in and get our quarterly taxes done and I remembered that I had to go mail a package at the post office and then run to the bank.

time for me?

It’s amazing I get anything done.  Purely amazing.

But with all of the things going on yesterday and all the work we have to do I couldn’t help but be preoccupied with the carpet in my TV room.  It’s one of the only rooms in the house we have carpet in and I pride myself on keeping that carpet as clean as I possibly can and I recently shampooed it and it looked great, if I do say so myself.

However being as busy as we’ve been, we haven’t paid too much attention to the comings and goings of the dogs and the doggie door is in that room and since we were ignoring them they decided to do a mud run, by themselves! I don’t know if they ran through some kind of nuclear sludge, or moon oil, or drops of Jupiter, but they got a stain on the carpet and it won’t come out.

It’s bad.  I can get any stain out.  It’s what I do.  While other girls were reading Nancy Drew I was reading Helpful hints from Heloise.  Nothing I’ve tried is working on this stain and it is now permanent.  Maybe I’ve been obsessing over it a bit too much because MacGyver says he is sick of hearing about it and I should just throw a rug over it but I just can’t do that, I can’t.

My last option is to try dying it, but I’m not sure I can perfectly match the color and I know MacGyver would kill me if I insist on dying the entire carpet, which is exactly what would happen if the color comes out wrong and that would be about 400 feet.  And I would insist because I’m crazy.

Clean or burn?

I probably just need to go for a run.  That’ll fix me.  Running fixes everything.

enjoy ya day

WTF?  It’s Wednesday!  Embrace your mistakes and your crazy!

Have you ever worn two different shoes?

Did you go back and change them or embrace the mistake and keep them on all day?

Clean it or hide it?  How do you do stains?

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