We made it through the storm and we’re home!

On the way down to Nokomis MacGyver pointed out a little spot on his arm and he said ‘look at this right here, this little spot, does this look like cancer?’

So I looked at it and I said, ‘I honestly don’t know but what do you think about this little spot right here, does this look like cancer?’

When did we get so old that we automatically started assuming we have cancer?


Fortunately we had MacGyver’s birthday to celebrate so we didn’t dwell on our spots for very long.  Instead we focused on smoking some meats on the grill and doing some fishing.  Unfortunately, we only had a day to do anything on the water before the wind picked up and storms rolled in but we made the most of it.

I also made sure to get in a few runs on the Legacy Trail and thank goodness I did because on Saturday morning sometime around mile 3 I stumbled right upon a bobcat just sitting on the side of the Legacy Trail.  I didn’t get a picture unfortunately because by the time I managed to get my phone out of my SpiBelt he was alerted to my presence and ran to the other side.   I did get a picture of some air but it didn’t matter because I was running and really does anything else matter?  I think not.

running is everything

On Sunday MacGyver and I took the dogs over to Englewood and spent the day with his parents.  We had a good time hanging out but we were limited as to what we could do because there were some pretty serious storms looming on the horizon and you know how lucky we are so it wasn’t long before one of my neighbors called to tell me that a transformer had blown in Clearwater….. somewhere near my backyard!

oh snap

There wasn’t really anything we could do.  It was almost dark, the power was out and there were live wires in our back yard.  It wasn’t on our house and the bridge was about to be closed due to high winds so we just had to trust the reports from our neighbors that everything was okay and under control and that’s what we did.

It was pretty windy and stormy in Nokomis too.  MacGyver actually closed the window in the middle of the night because the wind was so strong it was blowing across the room.  The next morning when I ran on the Legacy trail there were two trees laying across the trail a few miles down the trail.

We were very lucky.  We didn’t have any damage at all considering the amount of tree limbs that we had all over our yard and how strong the winds were, the gusts were as high as 70 mph.

Still it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.  Later in the day we had a weird encounter with someone and I bring it up here because I’m still reeling over it.  Mostly because I feel like not enough was done about it and I want it to be taken care of.

MacGyver and I were showing our house to a friend who wants to use it for a few days when his parents visit in March when we went out to the dock to show him the water.  The rain had just let up and it was just then that we realized the loud sounds we’d been hearing all morning were the sounds of someone chucking construction debris into the canal!

MacGyver started yelling at the lady and I called the local police dept and code enforcement because what she was doing is not only illegal but dangerous to the environment and protected fisheries.  It also pisses me off that MacGyver and I spend hours cleaning shit out of that canal when I see people like that who just casually abuse the system.  No, it infuriates me.

Anyway, that was our weekend.  I was looking at some of my pictures and thinking about what I was going to write about in this post and I saw some of my text from the last few days.

‘storms are getting bad here, worse in Clearwater, trees down at our house, live wires in our back yard, transformer blew, don’t know the extent of damage, can’t get home bridge closed.’

‘MacGyver chasing down illegal dumper, waiting on police, call you later.’

I should just post my text next time.  Holy shit, my text life is way more interesting than real life.

And with that I’m out, I have some training to get to.  An 8:30 training time to be exact.  Eight freaking thirty.

i need sleep

My dogs hate me right now. Hate. Me.

How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “We made it through the storm and we’re home!

  1. Wow, I am glad everything is OK with your house with that storm. Scary. Ugh, I can’t believe that?!? What is with people. OMG, talk about idiots!!

  2. Glad y’all didn’t have any damage from the storm! Scary! I too would have been furious with the woman for chucking her debris in the canal! We live on a busy road, and our house is way back from the road, so we always have stupid people who just chuck their fast food bags and such in our yard as they drive by…..ughhhhh!

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