The lab test

Over the weekend MacGyver and I decided to go out to our cabin in the remote location of Holopaw.  Suburban Estates to be exact.  The original ‘If you believe that I’ve got some swamp land in Florida property’.  Make sure you click on that link after you read this post and read all about how Suburban Estates came to be, it’s quite interesting.

So we loaded the pups in the truck and we headed out.

impatient hank

Anyhow, before I was so rudely interrupted, when you don’t visit your remote cabin for 8 months guess what happens?  Go on, guess.  I’ll tell you what happens.  Grass happens.  And lots of it.  It looks like this.

the cabin.... i think

Somebody has some grass to mow, oh shit!

Somewhere in all that grass there is a cabin.

Oh yes, I believe you can actually see it now.

And then you get closer and you can actually really see it.

tall grass

The closer we got the more depressed I got. Look how tall the grass is!

Now imagine how I felt when MacGyver told me the lawn tractor was broken.

mowing grass

Can you imagine mowing all of this with a push mower?

I mowed about a half acre with a push mower before MacGyver got the lawn tractor fixed and by that time I decided I was going inside and I took a very long break.

Once inside we actually have all the comforts of home.  I have a full kitchen area complete with a microwave a toaster a mini fridge a sink and a little area to wash dishes.

camp kitchen

And in case you’re wondering, the sink actually has running water due to the water tower located outside behind the cabin.



And we have an inside bathroom too because I refuse to try to find a spot outside.  Do you know how difficult it is to try to find a bathroom while carrying around a rifle and buckshot?  Yeah, it’s not a pleasurable experience trust me.

the john

We also have a wine selection on hand.  You never know when one of the neighboring camps is going to drop by and you should always have some libations on hand.

wine rack intact.

The walls may not be finished but we got libations.

We also have television for those guest who don’t partake in outdoorsy activities.  It’s a little janky since MacGyver got a little hyped up on 7 and 7 and knocked it off the table but if you squint your left eye a little you’ll never notice.

jacked up tv

See, we have all of the comforts of home.  And it’s completely sanitary.  Everything in our cabin has been completely and thoroughly tested by the lab.

labrador boomer

Lab tested, lab approved!

And he approves of it all.

Since this was our first trip of what MacGyver and I call our ‘camp season’ we spent the first day and a half mowing around 3 acres of grass, and not much of anything else.

We did have a few moments of bon fire time at my insistence of course.  hehe

bon fire

And a little bit of mud time


But they’ll be plenty of weekends on the horizon for lots more fun.  We’re back at home now and unfortunately I ended up with a massive migraine last night so I’m recuperating this morning.  Hope this isn’t a prediction as to how my week is going to be…

What did you do this weekend?  Tell me all about it!

6 thoughts on “The lab test

  1. Oh, wow…what a cute little place and all the important items covered (running water, toilet). I could live w/ out TV but that’s a nice touch, too! I love it. So sorry about the migraine. I hope just a fluke and not what’s to come this week. We had a nice, low key weekend: I did pedicure and lunch w/ a friend, Rick took a Harley ride (still a bit too cold for me but it was 54 degrees so really warm for Jan in CO) and we spent Sunday afternoon watching our 12 year old nephew play basketball 🙂 Not ready for Monday but here it is!

    • I was definitely not ready for Monday! After taking extra topiramate and sinus meds during the night, I decided to sleep in until 7 and then I took a 3 mile walk this morning in a haze of migraine and sinus medicine induced cloud. It wasn’t pretty. Fortunately my clients were very understanding and I was able to take the afternoon off and sleep for a bit. I feel much better now. I’m blaming it on MacGyver for making me eat a cookie, I think it was laced with gluten and pot. Okay maybe not but that’s the story I’m going with.

          • You certainly don’t have to answer this question but have you thought about MMJ for dealing with the migraines? I don’t use (even though it’s completely legal in my state) but I would certainly look into using if I had something that was chronic. The dispensaries are so knowledgeable about all the strains and the symptoms they can treat. Just something to think about (but you probably have already…)

          • MacGyver has mentioned it but I don’t know that it would work for me. I don’t know, the topirimate seems to be working for now so I’m okay with the occasional migraine if it can keep it at 1 or 2 a month. If it gets worse then I might look at the alternative. 🙂

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