Slippo the Hippo

I have literally been working my ass off, as if that were even remotely possible, and it’s not.  Trust me, it isn’t.  I’ve been blessed in that way.

big big booty

I get it from my mama

But seriously y’all I’m so tired and I needed a break and so did MacGyver and even though we did go to our house in Nokomis last weekend it wasn’t exactly the break we were looking for since we had to deal with the whole ‘a friggin tree fell in our backyard and left debris all over the god damn place’.  See that was NOT exactly a break.

And then, I had a slip.  A nip hip slip!

oh the pain

Actually, what had happened wuz….

I was walking the dogs yesterday after my run, and of course the bastards decided to chase a cat, but they had different ideas of how to catch it.  Boomer went left while Hank went forward and I landed on my left butt cheek.  Hard.

So, all day yesterday my left hip which had been a little tweaky now feels like someone is stabbing me every time I sit down which means my piriformis is screaming at me.  And guess how we get that better.  Go ahead, guess!

We Rest!

i need self help

Does anyone know where I can pick up a self help book?

Fortunately, MacGyver and I are headed to our little cabin.  Unfortunately, there’s no electricity, or running water, or cable TV.  I do have a sweet ass personal running trail that was specifically built for me so that I’d have something to do while we’re out there……………

Kill me now.

What are you’re weekend plans?  (I’m going to steal wifi and blog from the cabin, stay tuned.)

8 thoughts on “Slippo the Hippo

  1. The calf is cute except for all of those flies 🙁 poor thing

    My plans included trying another breakfast spot (I guess hot food from places with few customers is not a thing here), just did a 4.25 slow run. Then a very quick and busy trip back to Fort Lauderdale. And some light reading. I just finished a 500+page mystery during a busy couple of weeks. I needed to read the lighter books then!

    Hope your butt feels better 🙂

    • Thanks and good job on the run! I just ordered a new book and I’m hesitant to start it because I just took on a new 8 week project and I’m afraid it will distract me…but it’s pulling me…oh the torture! (it’s Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, have you read it?)

      • I have not read it. I tend towards mystery /suspense and fantasy. I rely on bloggers to expose me to books outside of those genres 😉 kidding.

        Fortunately, my library is pretty current and has great hours so I’ve been able to borrow more books.

  2. Oh no! Funny story…I fell today on my run. No ice and no ones fault just caught my toe on the pavement and down on went. On my RIGHT hip (somehow I managed to twist my body as I was falling). Now my right hip and hamstring are being jerks. UGH. And a nice bruise to go along with it. So, we have matching butt cheeks I guess. Hang in there and here’s to us both getting better quickly!

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