Pretending to be on vacation just to get things done.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  We had planned on being at our cabin since we haven’t been there in almost a year but we didn’t go.  MacGyver worked all day Saturday and I worked around here and when he got home around 3 and asked me what I wanted to do I could tell he wanted me to make the decision.   I didn’t want that burden and so I shifted it back to him and then he shifted it back to me.  By the time we actually make it out to our cabin we’ll probably look like this:

fun old people

The baby peacocks are getting big.  Every morning momma peahen climbs up onto the car hauler and yells out, (that’s how she lets us know the babies would like to eat), and we go out and feed them.  I thought you might want to see them.

Baby Peacocks

Over the weekend I made a trip to the store to replenish our fruit supply but mainly I just wanted to buy more oranges because I hate running out of oranges.  Parking was ridiculous and when I did finally find a spot I was almost afraid to park in it.  Look at the car in front of me.


Who does that to a car?  I almost waited around to see who would actually get into it but I decided against it.

Let’s talk running shall we?

Last week I ran 33 miles, and I walked 3.35 miles.  I ran 21 miles over 4 days and I ran my long run on Saturday.

The long run

Twelve miles,


And I Nailed it!

My shoe


Fortunately, it didn’t go through the shoe.  That would have been very bad.  The long run, however was very good.  It was my longest run since the migraines started last year and since I began taking the topiramate and stopped the gluten and the processed sugar and I’m still migraine free, (after long runs).  Y’all have no idea how happy I am about that.

I did do one thing after my run that I don’t usually do merely as a preventative measure to help with any inflammation.

ice bath

And for the record, this is not an easy thing to do for someone with Raynaud’s.  I had to keep my toes and fingers out of the water but it helped immensely.  I highly recommend it.

I wish I could say I was as good with my strength and weight workouts but unfortunately I wasn’t.  I only did one strength workout last week.  This week I will make more time for strength training and weights. I will, I will!

MacGyver and I took the day off today because we thought we were going to be at our cabin but since we aren’t he decided to work and I’m getting some work done as well.  Might as well get caught up a little.  Besides, MacGyver has a birthday this weekend and I might want to kidnap him and take him away for a few days so it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and get a few things squared away, right?  At least I can get things done with no distractions because everyone thinks I’m away.

How was your weekend?

Did you get the day off today?

8 thoughts on “Pretending to be on vacation just to get things done.

  1. I did have Monday off but not because it was a holiday, just part of my off days. But I also had to go to a meeting. I worked half of my weekend 🙁

    It’s warmed up again out here so I’ve started running. But I am woefully out of shape.

  2. Wow–awesome jobs! Ice baths…ugh, I want to try but I don’t want to try. I also have Raynaud’s so I would have to be careful for sure! I am really glad the nail stayed where it was. So close. I ran over a screw and jammed it right up into the sole (did not break through) one time. In fact, you may not know this but many winter/snow/ice runners recommend putting sheet metal screws on the bottom for good traction. So far, I’ve not wanted to try and ruin my shoes so I stick w/ yak trax. Yes for a day off on MLK. Spent a few hours at the movies seeing Patriot’s Day which is so good and I highly recommend it!

    • I did get very lucky with that nail. And you are so right about that car, it was awful and sadly it was in a grocery store right next door to a Chuck E Cheese and I cringed when I saw it. I couldn’t even wait around to see who got in it because I was afraid of what might have come out of my mouth, (I’m not real good at holding back.)

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