Friday – A progression run or not, depends on who you ask I guess

After some unintentional speed work earlier in the week, and easy runs the rest of the week, I had a progression run planned for today but due to the uncertainty of this project launch and the training, my schedule has been a bit crazy and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it.  As luck would have it, (or not have it), when I woke up this morning the project was still not ready, so I got to do the progression run and if I do say so myself, I nailed it!


I didn’t have a lot of time for a cool down and to walk the dogs so I combined the two. GENIUS!  The dogs were happy about it too because typically they wait for me to take a shower and they didn’t have to do that today.

Shortly after we left the house we got to the grass patch where the dogs like to do their ‘business’.  There was another neighborhood runner there that I had seen earlier in the morning.  I don’t know her very well as she’s only been running for around 3 weeks or so, just long enough time to make her a professional or an expert.

So, I’m there with the dogs asking them to hurry because ‘mommy doesn’t have all day guys, we’ve got a busy day’ and I know she heard me because she was right behind me.  Anyway, she says hi and we make a bit of small talk and she asked me how many miles I ran this morning and I tell her that I ran a 5 mile progression run.  And then she asks me what my splits were and I tell her that I haven’t even looked and then I remember it’s on my phone so I pull it out and we look at it and she says, ‘oh no, you ran that wrong, that’s not how you run a progression run’.

excuse me

And I’m not crazy, I mean I know my dogs can’t talk but I swear Boomer looked up at me with his big ol’ brown eyes and he said ‘Oh no she di’int!’

She did Boomer, Oh yes, she did.  Momma bought to go off.

For the record, here are my splits:


My five mile ‘perfect’ g-damn progression run!

But I indulge her and ask her why she feels that my progression run is wrong and she informs me that I didn’t cool down with a proper mile and that I didn’t run fast enough in the middle.  I gently informed her that a progression run is when you start slow and finish fast and that while there are many types of progression runs typically you don’t want to increase your speed too quickly but increase steadily and then finish fast.

I told her that I usually start out training with 5 mile progression runs and gradually increase to 10 mile progression runs as my training progresses.  And then I asked her what race she was training for and she said, ‘well I haven’t run any races yet but I’m thinking of running the Clearwater Ultra.’

That’s a 50K y’all!  She’s been running 3 weeks.  Did I mention that?

dear lord

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t being bitchy.  Okay, maybe I was a little but lately I’ve been a bit frisky and it is Friday but it kind of unnerves me when the New Years Resolutioners’ (Is that a thing?) get all hyped up on a sport and suddenly, they’re an expert.  It’s a bit annoying and today I decided to have a little fun with it and correct a bitch.

As I was leaving I told her it was great that she was really enjoying running and learning so much about the sport and that I admired her dedication and I truly meant it, I did.  But I also told her to be careful and use caution before giving anyone advice but if she still felt inclined to do so to always preface it with, I’m not an expert or a professional but in my opinion.

You know, like all of us professional running bloggers do.  😉

Happy Friday y’all!

When is the last time someone tried to give you running advice?  Did you get mad or did you laugh?  Or did you listen?  And most importantly, were they right?


8 thoughts on “Friday – A progression run or not, depends on who you ask I guess

  1. Uh, your run is the definition of progressive….

    It is too damn cold for me to run. Also, I’m currently annoyed by the dripping faucets and open cabinets. It won’t be above freezing until 11 am.

  2. Oh lord. That is just… just too much. You handled yourself exceptionally, kudos. I would have flat out laughed when she mentioned the Ultra, I’m afraid. You are a better woman than me.

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