WTF Wednesday, Fog, Yellow Trees, and Chokers

Good morning!  I woke up in Jolly old London this morning…



That’s actually the pond in my backyard!  That is also why I decided to run my five miles in my neighborhood instead of Kapok Park and around Alligator Lake because um, ALLIGATORS!  I mean seriously, if you can’t see five feet in front of you do you really want to chance missing a gator in the middle of the path?

I didn’t think so?

And if you don’t believe that fog is dangerous, trust me, it is.  This is the second morning we’ve had it and the second morning of serious accidents.  So  people beware, if you can’t see this…..

stop sign

There is a stop sign up there, I promise there is…

Slow down and drive safely!

I finally got all my decorations up even though I went sparse this year.  I only put up 3 trees in the Clearwater house instead of the normal 6 or 7.  I was gonna stick with 2 but then I found all the cute pink decorations I bought on clearance last year and I was compelled to use them.  Compelled!

I had to find an old artificial tree though and the only one I could find was kind of jacked up but it worked.  In case you’re wondering why we don’t buy real trees, it’s really quite simple.

His name is Hank.

We spent his entire life teaching him to go outside to pee on trees and when we brought one inside he could not for the life of himself understand why he could not pee on it.  So we go with artificial.

If you look really close there is a yellow stain at the bottom of the tree…..

Obviously, he still pees on it, it’s just much easier to clean up!  And unless I want to wash it all the damn time I’ve learned not to put the tree skirt down until Christmas Eve.

Oh, and unless I want pee soaked presents, they also stay hidden until Christmas morning….oh the sacrifices I make for that little sh…bundle of joy.

I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping.  I just need a few last-minute things.  Yesterday I was looking for some earrings online  for my niece who recently got her ears pierced and in the accessories all these chokers kept popping up.  Are chokers all the rage right now?  I mean, I realize they’re sort of popular but I hate the jean ones, and my Lord, why is this thing cool?

Just cut off the waist band of your pants and go.

That’s God awful!  I hope I never see that on anyone, I might seriously laugh.  I really might and I’m all about being fashion forward and expressing yourself but that’s just ridiculous.

I’m gonna go cut up a dish towel and make myself a choker.

WTF It’s Wednesday

What’s the most ridiculous fashion nightmare you’ve seen this year?

10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Fog, Yellow Trees, and Chokers

  1. I can’t understand some of the trends lately and I know that dates me but a jean choker? WTH?! I think the worst “fashion” nightmare I see right now…people wearing flannel pajama pants everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, girl loves her flannel pants (to wear to BED). Ugh, really–you can’t even put on a pair of jeans? I know that makes me sound like a cranky old woman but what happened to taking even a little bit of pride in how you look? Am I being ridiculous?

    • No, not at all. I saw a new story the other day where Selena Gomez had on silk PJ’s at an awards show SILK PJS, What the Hell? I was appalled. But even more so because the announcer said they cost 600 dollars. That’s more than I paid for the TV I watched the damn news story on!

      • ugh…get dressed people. Life can be challenging but seriously pull yourself together every now and again 🙂 I guess I mostly pull myself together for myself. Even the days I work from home and no one (besides UPS or FedEx cuz remember I order everything online) sees me, I still shower, and get myself dressed and my make up put on. I know to each their own but I just feel a whole lot better when I don’t spend my entire day in PJs (except when sick)

        • Me too! Most days anyway, occasionally I have those days when I’ll slide a little and wear some casual clothes all day but rarely. You never know when something might pop up or somebody might invite you somewhere or a meeting might happen and you gotta be prepared.

  2. Hahaha, I will go cut up a dish towel too, or maybe a piece of carpet! That jean choker is hysterical! I recently saw a man sporting a brightly colored mohawk with Christmas balls hanging from it.

  3. Hahaha! That choker is ridiculous. I would probably die laughing if I actually saw someone wearing one.

    We have to do artificial trees as well. But, not because of the dogs. I have cats that like to eat plants. That’s all I need – cleaning up pine scented vomit every day. Ugh.

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