WTF Wed, Getting lost for 12 hours running your first half marathon!

Last night MacGyver and I went to Costco to pick up the essentials and by essentials I mean a 30 pound bag of dog food because really, what else could two people actually need from Costco?

snack city bitch

Besides eating all the snacks, while we were there we walked around checking out all the holiday gift items and I noticed they were all the same as last year.  Unfortunately MacGyver did not.  Well, not until I pointed it out to him AFTER he suggested he get a few of them for me as Christmas presents.  That’s when I reminded him that he already did, LAST YEAR!

He asked me if I was sure

uh duh

And then he asked me what I did with them?  I assured him we no  longer had them.  At first he asked me if we used them or if they broke and then he thought about it.  I mean seriously how would you use a yonana frozen treat maker so much that you’d actually break it?  Or a fancy super-sized dish drainer?  Then he said, ‘those were not very good gifts and you returned them huh?’


Let’s not last minute shop at Costco this year sweetie, okay?

I read a story yesterday about a woman who ran who very first half marathon over the weekend near my vacation house in Venice.  Her very first half marathon.  FIRST.  Remember that.  Now, y’all remember back to how nervous you were the very first time you ever ran a half marathon.  Remember the jitters?  The unknowns?  Remember how unsure you were?

Now, keep that in mind and let me tell you about Melissa Kitcher.

Melissa Kitcher

She ran her very first half marathon this past weekend and she chose the Trail Hog 13.1 which is a trail run at the T. Mabry Carlton Reserve.  This is not an easy race and it is definitely a trail.  There are roots and shrubs and bugs and mosquitoes and there have even been panthers spotted in that reserve.  It’s a beautiful place and I’m sure the course if spectacular but I’m not sure I would have chosen it as a first race but Melissa did.

Somewhere around the third mile Melissa took a wrong turn and that’s when things went downhill.  By her own estimates, Melissa says she probably went about 7 miles off course and then turned around and headed back when she realized she had gone the wrong way but by that time she was lost and realized no one was looking for her.  She had brought along a cell phone but it stopped working before the race even started.   She had no choice but to keep going so that’s what she did.

Melissa’s husband called the race director at 4:30 when she didn’t return and a search party located her 12 hours after the race started!  How’s that for a first half marathon experience?  It hasn’t stopped Melissa, she says she’ll be running the Sarasota Half Marathon in March and Melissa, if you want, I’ll run it with you, I’m directionally challenged myself, probably more so than you, I’ve gotten lost during a regular race on a route in my own neighborhood that I run weekly!

Melissa ended up running over 16 miles in those 12 hours on some pretty bad ass trails so in my opinion she’s one pretty tough runner!

WTF it’s Wednesday and that’s one heck of a first half marathon story!

Tell me about your first half marathon story!

4 thoughts on “WTF Wed, Getting lost for 12 hours running your first half marathon!

  1. I ran my first half marathon in college. I was in “pretty good shape” but decided that I would get ready for the race in 3 weeks. I legitimately thought that was enough time to train. I finished, and didn’t regret everything, but I will never not train well for a race ever again!

    • LOL, three weeks is definitely ambitious but hey, you did it! It’s amazing what we learn over time and even more amazing we don’t do any permanent damage in the process. hehe

  2. My first 10k was a trail one (Oleta park) and I got separated from the other racers. Technically I didn’t finish because once I lost sight of others I immediately headed straight to where I heard others because I was afraid I would get lost. (at least I went to the race with someone)

    My first was the 13.1 in 2011.

    I seem to have restarted my cold. I have a long weekend (5 days) hope I can run. Thinking about checking out Challenger 7 Park and seeing if it’s a place I can run.

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