The absolutely perfect gift for any runner, really.

I am pretty sure that I’ve come up with the absolute perfect gift for just about anyone on your list this year.  Anyone.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the gift lists for the newbie runners, the elite runners, the injured runners, the runner who has everything, yada, yada, yada.  I mean let’s face it, we all want everyone to love running as much as we do be because basically we’re jacked up on all kinds of runner endorphins and we’re happy.  So we love the running gadgets and we love to tell you what to buy.

happy runner

Because we want you to be happy.  We want to you to go for a run every day and feel like you can fly.  (Even though we know that won’t always be the case, we hope that it will happen for you and us as well.)  And do you know why?

Because we just love running.

Running happy

And that’s why the best gift you can get for any runner, newbie, experienced or even someone who maybe just wants to be a runner but hasn’t made the the commitment yet, is….


Who wouldn’t love a free race entry with a T-shirt and a chance to run with friends?  Uh, nobody?  Just be sure to choose the right race for the right person.

animals chasing runners

So, maybe not this one!

How many runners are on your gift list this year?

4 thoughts on “The absolutely perfect gift for any runner, really.

  1. And which race are you hoping will be in your stocking?

    I’ve been thinking about Galveston but I’m pretty sure I won’t be ready. Seems like there is more ‘winter’ than expected. It’s under 50 and lots of wind. Too cold for me to run!!

    No runners on my list. My sister runs a bit but she got Thorlo socks are her gift-to-open for her birthday (Dry Tortugas was our joint celebration gift).

    • I always have the Barkley Marathons on my list but I’ve still got a Ferrari on there too and I’m pretty sure that ain’t happening, LOL! 🙂 Galveston sounds like it would be a fun one. You should try it.

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