Run my trail with me today!

So this morning I decided to slow down and enjoy the park that I spend an hour in every single day.  I mean, it’s seriously beautiful and I’m not just saying that.

Kapok Park

Kapok Park is home to an immense amount of wildlife.   Both amateur  and professional photographers come from all over with the hopes of capturing images of some of these beautiful creatures.

I’ve been lucky enough to see cranes sitting atop alligators, wild coyotes running through the palm scrubs and baby osprey learning to fly.  It’s an amazing park to run in and today I’m showing it to you.

Kapok Park Trail

Kapok Park 5

There is a little pier which you can fish on but I run past it most days unless I see a gator in the water and then sometimes I go watch the gator.  I’m curious like that.

Kapok Park  Water

This is the water view.

Kapok Pier

This is the view from the end of the pier.   We turn back and head back to the trail.

Kapok trail

Sometimes birds perch on the railings and just sit there while you run by.

I love Florida's lush greenery

I love Florida’s lush greenery

Kapok Trail

Fountain Grasses are some of my favorite landscaping plants. I have them in my yard as well. Love them.

Kapok Park

Another beautiful view of the water.

Alligator Lake

This is another little bridge you run over which takes you over Alligator Lake and no, I’m not kidding, it’s called that.

Here’s a really good view leading up to the bridge.

kapok park

This is one of my favorite views in the park. I’m not sure why but I think it’s pretty.

Another money shot, check out the lake.

Can you see the lake?

Can you see the lake?

Kapok Park

How bout now?

Stunning, isn’t it?

One more

One more

Or two

maybe more...

maybe more…

And then we make the last turn to leave the park…

I'm always sad to leave

I’m always sad to leave

So pretty

So pretty

I head on down the trail

Leaving Kapok Park

Headed out of the park

Kapok Park

Always reminded I’m still in Florida, Hello Palm Scrubs!

Kapok Park

See ya again Tomorrow Kapok Park, Thanks for giving me an hour of your day.

There you go.  That is Kapok Park the place where I go practically every single morning of my life and the place that I spend damn near an hour of my day every single day and now you can say that you spent your time with me there today and guess what you can never get that time back.

What’s your go to place to run, even if it’s not your favorite place, what’s your go to place and why?


8 thoughts on “Run my trail with me today!

  1. You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful place to run every day! My normal route is right out my front door. I like it because it’s convenient, but it’s definitely not my favorite place to run.

  2. So beautiful! Wow, I would run there every day, too. I run around my neighborhood…in the dark. It’s fun now because I go exploring for the best holiday lights. Most days I just get lost in my thoughts and my podcast.

  3. Do you have to drive to the park or do you run from your house? It is a very lovely park!

    My new go to run is around the marina at my complex. I’d like to find a park to check out, too (I have a cold so it won’t be these days off this week) .

    • It’s literally right around the corner. I’m spoiled. I’d die if I didn’t have one near. I need to run in a park. I’d get really bored otherwise. I hope you feel better soon!

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