Jelly Eye Benedryl Haze Hangover

I’m sitting here watching My Big Fat Fabulous Life and trying to finish up some work but I am so easily distracted that I sometimes find it hard to focus and so I just give in.    Isn’t this the week to do that sort of thing anyway?  Does anyone really get anything accomplished between Christmas and New Years?  I mean, besides gaining 3 pounds because that, well, I nailed that.

average holiday weight gain

Yep, that’s about right….

We came home last night and I did manage to get up and run this morning which was good because yesterday morning I woke up with a jelly eye and I spent the entire day ingesting Benadryl’s and trying like hell to figure out what it was that I ate that I had an allergic reaction to.

Fortunately, this is about as bad as my eye got.

Call me Jelly Eye!

It’s much better today.  The swelling and jelly have all disappeared and that’s why I was able to run this morning, albeit in a bit of a fuzzy haze.   I’ve got a slight migraine I’m trying to fight off too but considering how great I’ve felt the past several weeks I refuse to complain about it at all.  I’m almost positive that I was gluttened or poisoned, by accident of course, I hope.  I’ll just have to be more careful next time, that’s all.

It is getting easier learning what I can and can’t eat.  Learning what upsets my stomach, and what causes more of an allergic response.  I still keep diaries.  It seems monotonous.  Sometimes it is.  It’s necessary.  Oddly, I don’t mind.

I still find it hard to believe that George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are no longer with us.  Is anyone else hesitant to get on the computer in the morning or go on facebook or turn on the TV?

I do.  It’s a good thing I have a ton of things to keep me busy like, walking the dogs.  They don’t let me forget either.  They wait for me every morning while I take my shower.  When I stepped out this morning, I saw them laying together so sweetly like this….

Brotherly love

They look so sweet don’t they?  It looks just like Hank is saying ‘My brother is the best brother in the whole wide world, he’s better than any blanket or bed ever and I just love to snuggle with him.’

What Hank really thinks:  ‘Move over fatso, you’re hoggin up the rug and you know I’m a Prince and I can’t touch my ass to a hard cold floor.’

And Boomer is thinking, ‘Oh, please, don’t irritate me, I’ll fake a cute stretch and a yawn and drop kick you clear across this room.’

Aren’t they adorable?

Way more entertaining than the internet any day.

Do you work the week between Christmas and New Year and do you get anything done?

6 thoughts on “Jelly Eye Benedryl Haze Hangover

  1. No work for me this week…and I am totally OK with that. I have been getting a lot of projects done around the house and spending a good portion of my time in the movie theater. Going to see an early afternoon movie is one of my favorite things to do! Going back to work will be a struggle… I hope your eye is OK! Ugh…not fun.

  2. How you see into your dogs heads is hysterical! I work this week, but very little will be accomplished…and I love Hanks shirt 🙂

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