If it hurts to breathe you should see a doctor

Last Friday I had to convince MacGyver that it was time for him to go back to the doctor.  Do you have any idea how hard that is?

It’s almost impossible.

Anyway I finally convinced him because after we got home from Tennessee we both went to the doctor and I had a raging sinus infection and I was convinced that he had gotten bronchitis from me but the doctor on staff thought he might just have allergies or a ‘little cold’ and he didn’t prescribe anything and so MacGyver never got any better.   He needed to go back because he was having sharp pains in his back every time he took a deep breath and I was convinced he had pleurisy.

Dr. Google

So MacGyver went to his Doctor but they couldn’t fit him in until the end of the month and I told him with the sharp pains he needed to go to urgent care but did he listen to me, hell no.

But when the regular doctor told him he should go to a walk in clinic or urgent care immediately, he listened.

He never listens to me

Go figure.

Sometime later that afternoon he called me from the Publix where he was waiting for prescriptions to be filled and asked if I needed anything.  I asked him what the doctor said and he said that he did indeed have bronchitis and probably had for some time which is why he had inflammation and irritation which had resulted in pleuritis or pleurisy from all the coughing.

BOOM!  I knew it!

He said the doctor told him that the previous doctor should have given him antibiotics especially knowing that I had bronchitis and sinusitis because people living together tend to spread things.  Now, if I would have been there I would have asked the doctor if he thought it was the same strain and if it were possible for MacGyver to transfer it to me again but do you think he asked the doctor anything like that?  NO.

Instead MacGyver said, ‘If you think the other doctor should have given me antibiotics can I get my 25 bucks back?’

what the hell man

We stayed home this weekend to keep from spreading MacGyver’s janky germs around but that didn’t mean I couldn’t run.  I ran my longest distance since dealing with the migraines.  I ran 7 miles on Saturday with no issues at all!  And on Sunday I ran 5 miles and finished the last mile with a max pace of 7:34 for the last quarter mile!  It was epic.

I did a little shopping too but maybe it’s just me because I am starting to prefer online shopping so much more than actually going shopping.  The mall was horrible.  And I mean horrible.  The lines were long and the sales weren’t really all that good and I couldn’t find half the things I was looking for.  I just wasn’t all that impressed.  I totally prefer shopping during any other time of the year and online shopping during the holidays.

I did see this bumper sticker though and I laughed but after thinking about it now I just wonder what it even means.  I now realize that I hate bumper stickers that make me think why?  It doesn’t really make sense, so why?

my dog is a republican

How can your dog even have a political party?  How is that possible?

Have you done a lot of holiday shopping this year?  In the stores or online?  Which do you prefer?

Did you run this weekend?  What was your long run?

4 thoughts on “If it hurts to breathe you should see a doctor

  1. I always shop online…year round so why change it up for the holidays, right? Rick’s main job in our house is to tear down and recycle all the boxes that wind up on our doorstep! I am sorry you guys got sick. When Rick gets sick, he will complain but he will NEVER listen to me. I just give up! Way to go on the running! That is amazing. Sounds like you are ready to tackle a half marathon. Because I cycle and swim, my long runs stay under 5 miles. But lately, I am happy with a 5 K because it’s been so freaking cold here! That bumper sticker…what?!? I am not sure what that means but it makes me laugh (maybe because I love dogs so much).

  2. almost all of my shopping this year will be online. I used to really like xmas shopping in stores (I’d also usually be done before thanksgiving)

    My long run was another 4 miles. It’ll be awhile before I can move past that.

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